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Pan_Rash October 25th, 2011 08:57 AM

NorCal hope to slam 1975 Sun Bug
Hi, I am new to Aircooled (see history, 5 VW's so far), I live in Northern CA, about an hour North of Sacramento.

I am in the process of trading a motorcycle and spare parts bike for a Fuel Injected bubble-windowed Super Beetle, wish me luck.


No fenders or trailer/bike fenders on the suspension.

If Rabbit struts bolt up to the knuckle I will run them, cut springs or DIY "rice" chinese coilovers (if I can talk them off a friend). I would like to get it low, hopefully not scraping. I have been reading SBO, TheSamba, and here, and I haven't found a good reason the 74+ SB can only lower 3 inches. Something is hitting, but I haven't seen a picture that explains what. 3 inches may prove to be enough, or I can modify a little.
Love the idea of Fuel Injection, have experience with similar setups, and full auto technician (incl smog tech) training. It is about halfway between my CIS Jetronic Rabbit and my BME Motronic BMW. Plus who can downplay 35MPG? ITB's and Megasquirt injection would be amazing, but I don't have the cash.

I have some Honda mini-van tires with some tread for the fronts, maybe scrounge some used truck tires for the back. I would love to run 175/50 13s if I walked into them, can't afford it.


I am 29 and my first car was an 83 Rabbit L given to me when I was 16. I put a GTi motor and brakes in it, and a hollow front swaybar and Boge shocks, with cut springs, all junkyard items.

Got a real 1984 GTi that turned out to have shot thrust bearings and moved everything over. Soon after I moved up to a complete motor from an Audi 80 (the heads are completely different on the intake side because the injectors bolt into the manifold). That motor sported a lightened flywheel I made in the machine shop at the local community college (Butte College), a full race header, cat delete and a Scirocco 16v exhaust of 2.125" mandrel bent tubing.

Next up was a 1985 Jetta (was crashed in the front, and the fenders were different shades, I didn't even care.) Then a 1995 Jetta, also picked up a 1996 Jetta for $200.

I moved to a 1989 BMW 325i for $200, installed true dual glasspacks, lowering coils all around, had the diff plate-welded solid and drove around sideways endangering the public for a bit, then thought I needed a truck before I got a ticket. Turns out the registration was nearly 3 times that of a car, and the 1980 Chevy C10 I picked gets about 10 miles to the gallon. So I was forced to Non-op the truck.

My only other transport is a 1993 Kawasaki Ninja 250, but I have only put 90 miles or so on the road and already laid it down, and since winter is coming and my only protective gear is a mesh jacket I don't think it will work.

Enter the next VW: A 1975 Sun Bug for trade, I emailed the guy and offered to trade him a Kawa Ninja and my 2003 parts bike:

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