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Ray-Dean July 13th, 2006 06:39 PM

round door corners: PART 1
You have the killer chop. You have the killer stance. You even have the killer beam extention look. But something still isn't right? How about rounding the door corners?:Idunno:

Head in to Das Hiebgeschäft and find out how to get-R-done!

I am not much of a tech writer, so this may not go smoothly. Anyway, here we go. The first thing that you will need to do is make a template of the radius that you want so that both doors have the same arc. Also remember that the inner door will have a smaller radius due to the seal. I didn't get a pic of the pemplate, but it's really streight forward. So with your arcs marked, make the cuts and remove the old door corner.

Then I made the patch that will become the new corner. I cut the patch to fallow the contour of the outer door skin and overhang the inner door.
I then marked the inner cut line and removed the excess material. A bit of work later and the piece fits perfectly.

Next, I tack welded it into place. Remember to go very slow as the door skin is really thin.

Now you have the door rounded, but you still need the outer edge of the door where the seal will reside. To create this, I just took the excess patch that I cut off the door and tack welded it to the door. I let the piece run long to the inside to help control the heat. I then fully welded the piece in place.

With it fully welded, it's time to trim off the excess again. And then it's time to bust down the welds. For this you can use an electric grinder or an air die grinder. But due to the tight area, and the fact that I tend to be overly anal, I did it by hand. Let me introduce you to my little friend the flat file.

Yes. A file is the slow way, but you have more controle over the amount of metal removed, there is no heat build up, and you can fine tune the shape of the door. That's just my $.02. And after an hour and a half from first cuts to a bit of primer, here is what you end up with..

blacktruck July 13th, 2006 08:25 PM

Re: round door corners

yer makin me feel like a hack again Ray

beautiful work on that :thumbsup:

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