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metalmaster1766 August 26th, 2007 08:09 PM

Ron's 66 Bug project
The start of "The BitchN Bug"

Hello, my name is Ron, im 41 and live in southwest Ohio, i have had about 20 VW bugs over the years, i still have a sand rail that i built in 90. the last Bug i bought was the 66 i still have today.
its been sitting since i crashed it in a snow storm back in 95. i decided im going to build me a radical VW Bug with a V8 up front. the motor is out of another old car i had, kept parts of for some unknown reason, anyway its a 455 cid olds motor.
i started taking pictures as i go along, something i am terrible about keeping up with on projects, i just wish i had a picture of the car when i first bought it back in 93
well heres what i started with, the wrecked fromt and rear were cut off after the snow storm accident
more to come


metalmaster1766 September 12th, 2007 09:14 PM

Re: Ron's 66 Bug project
well i did a bit of work on it, cut some off welded in some supports, then i set the motor where its gonna be, along with a couple tires to give me an idea how its gonna look, now the fun begins, fabing the frame

more to come soon


metalmaster1766 January 12th, 2008 03:50 AM

Re: Ron's 66 Bug project
ok, so its been a while, but i decided to use the frame from an S10 truck i happen to aquire, ill hafta shorten it about 13 inches, and modify the rear section to take coil springs, narrow the frame rails just behind the front suspension as well

yesterday i set the body on the frame so i can take some measurments, i set the motor and tranns in to, so today i plan on measuring for motor mounts and a cross member

now that i have the frame to work with, i hope to get more done:dancing::dancing:


metalmaster1766 February 25th, 2008 05:08 PM

Re: Ron's 66 Bug project
so last week i bought a piece of 4" by 2" tube, cut it up and started welding the frame together, my plan is to build the back half of the frame out of the tube and weld it to the front suspension of an S10 truck

wont be long now

metalmaster1766 March 3rd, 2008 04:44 PM

Re: Ron's 66 Bug project
after tack welding everything together, i welded most of it together, next ill set it up with the front suspensuion and square everything up and weld it all together

i hope to have the rear axle setup and installed in the next 2 weeks

metalmaster1766 March 6th, 2008 12:01 PM

Re: Ron's 66 Bug project
well, ive been busy for a few days, i just wish they all could be in a row, (may get more done that way)

anyway i got most of the frame finished, just a few cross braces and cross member to add, and some strengthening braces to add, i have it attached to the front suspension (s10) i still need to box in where it attaches and weld it up a bit more

ill be working on the rear axle next week

heres a few pictures of what i have done

metalmaster1766 June 8th, 2008 04:03 AM

Re: Ron's 66 Bug project
well its been about 3 months since any progress was made on the VW

so's yesterday i did get the rear axle under the car, its not mounted permanently, but i can move the car around, i welded on some temporary body mounts, set the body on where i want it and clamped it down

i need to set the motor and tranny in and get the cross member made and installed, by that time i hope to have the heim joints so i can get the rear in permanently

pictures say more than i can, nothing to exciting, but i did get something done on it

y'all prolly thought i gave up on it didnt ya's,

nope neve'aaaa, im just real slow :thumbsup:

metalmaster1766 June 11th, 2008 08:39 PM

Re: Ron's 66 Bug project
not much, but i did push it out of the shop, wiped all the dust off it, then pushed it back in and started cutting parts to fab up the rear axle mounts

cut some square tube for the trailing arms, then some smaller round tube to use as diagonal upper arms, im planning on using a 4 link diagonal setup in the rear

i have the body off as of tonite, i hope to have most of the fab work done so i can get the axle in by next weekend,

then its all down hill from there,

a few picstures

thats all for now

metalmaster1766 July 12th, 2008 06:21 AM

Re: Ron's 66 Bug project
i have made a little progress on the Bug, not to much, i do have the rear axle all mocked up, brackets tack welded and it is ready to be finish welded
im just waiting to get some coil over shocks to have everything to finish it
i need to add some angle braces to the frame as well, other than that all the rest involves mounting the body, putting in the floor boards, firewall, wiring and seats, all the easy stuff

i did however find some old pictures, and i thought i would post them now, they are pictures of my very 1st car, which was a 1972 VW beetle, my rail buggy which i built in 1990, it is a Berrien Buggy 902 long back, was the kit, everything was cut, bent and notched, all ya had to do is put it together and weld it
then a picture of my 12 second grocery getter, was a 1974 Olds Cutlass with 455 ci 400 turbo transmission, my wife and I raced it on Friday nights

the pictures are in sad shape, most of our pictures got ruined in a house fire back in 96

heres a few pictures
my 1st Bug taken in '82 when i was 16

my rail buggy/ lumber rack (has made a nice lumber steel rack for the past 10 years) i cleaned it off for the picture, you can see the '66 right before i started it

the 12 second "Great White" as we named it
you can also see another of my VW's in this shot, it is a '74 standard Bug, the Riviera was mine as well, picture was taken in summer of '88

thats it for now, next weekend i should have some progress pictures of the VW, maybe i will have it able to start by then :thumbsup:

metalmaster1766 August 5th, 2008 06:12 AM

Re: Ron's 66 Bug project
well i havent done much at all on the Bug, but what i have done is make a few changes, which im sure will go on as i continue

im gonna be going back to a V8, just not the big 455 Olds motor, instead im gonna put in a small block Ford, it came out of my wifes '81 Mustang which was also a 12 second car (1/4 mile) i didnt build the motor, i bought the car for her the way it was, anyhow the guy who did build it built it for racing, i forget what all he did to it as its been 12 years since ive seen or talked to him, all i know is he had it bored over, how much i forget, has an Edelbrock carb and intake, different cam, headers and a bunch of other goodies i cant remember, he also had a bunch of work done to the C4 automatic trans

the car went 0-60 in just under 4 seconds, 3.9 i believe it was, it was almost like getting hit in the rear while at a dead stop by a car going 60 (if you can imagine that)

i need to change the cross member location and build different motor mounts as im gonna move the motor back a few inches

i did start to make the floor pans and the firewall, im glad i didnt start welding any of it in because of the motor change, here are a few pictures of the floor, which is being made from other car parts - roof sections, hoods, all out of my S10 Blazer that i totaled this past Jan, plus i have a few other S10 hoods and roof sections to use if i need more

yes im cheap and on a fixed income and with all the health problems i have, i cant spend much at all on the car without compromising my health, and im never gonna do that or ill never live to finish it

i havent done anything at all since July 28th when i re injured my shoulder, i have both sides in bad shape, my rotator cuffs are shredded and the doctors are afraid to do surgery because of all my organ transplants, i was told i need to wait till the completely break, will i think i am almost there, i did it trying to move the engine hoist around with the Ford motor on it, i did have it in and removed it to start on the motor mounts and such

enough talk, heres a few pics of the floor, maybe more to show after August is over and i can move again

metalmaster1766 September 11th, 2008 07:41 PM

Re: Ron's 66 Bug project
a quick update with a few pictures, i did most of the work over the past 3 weeks or so (remember i work slow) im using old body panels for most, or should i say all the sheet metal work, i have several hoods from S10 trucks, a couple sets of front fenders and a few other odds and ends

ill let the pictures do my talking, nothing to exciting

well thats all for now, i hafta pack away my tools and drag out my forge to do some hammering of red hot iron, i have a few wedding gifts to make

ya'll come back now, ya hear :grin::grin:

metalmaster1766 March 25th, 2009 05:57 PM

Re: Ron's 66 Bug project
well its been months since i have done any work on the Bug, but i did get a few hours into it this past week, i made the rear shelf that is behind the seats, rear window and all, i used the hood off an S10 Blazer, cut it to fit, bent it up a bit, next i need to weld it in and fill in some other spots

its moving along slowly

thats all for now

metalmaster1766 April 19th, 2009 03:53 PM

Re: Ron's 66 Bug project
so now i have almost everything tack welded together, so im gonna take the body off and completely weld up the rear half of the frame and rear suspension, then finish up the firewall,pedal assembly and steering column and then the body mounts

oh yeah i also need to make a panhard bar for the rear, but im gonna do that when the body is removed

pictures say more than words

show the ride height

more to come :dancing: :dancing::dancing:

metalmaster1766 May 4th, 2009 06:16 PM

Re: Ron's 66 Bug project
been about 2 weeks,

i have slowly raise the body off the frame rails, after removing the front sheet metal and rear sheet metal (fenders & aprons) took a while to get it up high enough to roll the frame out from under it, was a 2 man job, one to lift the front then the rear while the other sets concrete blocks and small pieces of 4x4's under it

BTW someone posted a website on here a while back of a body rotisserie or something, but anyhow they had (on the website) a piece that was made to fit the end of your shop crane/lift so's you can remove the body, well i had just the piece of square tubing to make myself one of these, in this picture its the blue part stickin in the hydraulic lift (mines gonna be green) i hope to get it finished before i hafta remove the body again

anyhow if i can find the website agin ill post it here

as for the car, i need to flip the frame over so i can weld up the bottom, but im gonna try to do some overhead welding and if thats not to tough on me (layin on my back with stick welder just aint my cup o tea, i have enough touble welding with sticks standing or sitting, you know, cause the rod gets shorter and my depth perception just aint good at all)

back to the car, i have a buncha pictures showing progress and then some shots of the work done, the rear where the back seat was lookin at the underside of it, some shots of different sections of the frame

ill just post the pictures




and away

a few random shots of the frame

can still see the bracing from when it was a hood from my truck

the front end which is far from being finished or started :rollingeyes:

thats about it for now

same Bug time, same Bug channel, more to come in a few weeks :grin:


metalmaster1766 June 12th, 2009 04:09 AM

Re: Ron's 66 Bug project
:hello: everyone, another fabulous friday is here, looks like the rain has stopped, and im feeling a little better, (battled Arthur all day yesterday, he won i didnt leave the couch most of the day and night) it rained rain drops the size of white kitchen garbage bags last night, one of the hardest rains i can remember, but then again i have C.R.S. (cant remember shit)

ok so a few weeks have past and i have gotten a few things done, almost finished with the rear end of the body, filled in the area the rear apron and the top of the deck lid opening, have some other sheet metal to fill in on the sides, its coming together purty good

then im gonna start on the fuel tank and radiator

i hope by July i can get the brakes all plumbed up and working, im still working on fab'ing the mount for the pedal assembly and master cylinder which im mounting under the floor board on the frame rail

a few pictures


metalmaster1766 June 19th, 2009 06:14 PM

Re: Ron's 66 Bug project
so i mounted the radiator in the rear, i have some 1-7/8 inch tube to get the coolant from front to rear, i will need to bend one piece to go over the rear axle for the bottom radiator hose and bend the other so it points upward towards the top of the radiator, i will work out something for heat much later,
i also have an electric fan i need to mount onto the radiator as well

i hope this weekend i can get the gas tank mounted, should be an easy job, i just need to cut off a couple pieces and drill holes then weld them in, you can almost see the gas tank in front of the radiator, if you look at the sides of the radiator you can see the ends of the tank sticking out


thats it until i get the master cylinder and pedal mount fab'd up and mounted


metalmaster1766 July 9th, 2009 06:36 PM

Re: Ron's 66 Bug project
well so now i have the master cylinder bracket made, mounted but nit hooked up to brake lines yet, maybe i wll get that finished this weekend, i have all the lines made up flared with all the nuts on, i just gotsa bend em up, hook em up and bleed em

i didnt take one picture of the mount i made for the pedals and master cylinder, but i decided to weld it in instead of bolting it, woulda been a real pain in the ass to drill a few holes thru the frame tubing with the tranny and engine installed and i dont wanna take em out for 2 holes
now i did get a few pictures of it on, 1st without the pedals on, then again with the pedals on, it has an automatic transmission in it right now, but someday i plan to change over to a 4 speed, you will see the cltch pedal in the pictures

i also took a few pics of how i plan to do the exhaust, im gonna cut the headers i have, then im gonna try to bend up some elbows and whatever else i may need to get the headers to come out just behind the front tires and go thru the front fender, either stop there of may end up running them all the way down to the rear fenders, i may leave chrome pipe or make some covers for them, you know, the kind that kinda look like the guns, it will be easyer to make those than louvers cause i dont have a louver punch, and i dont care to make one just yet

i also hafta make me a new thermostate housing, the one on this engine sticks straight up, im gonna need it to point either straight forward or slightly point downward to hook up the the pipes below carrying the coolant to and from the radiator, so it looks like im gonna hafta dig out my metal casting furnace and make me a pattern out of wood and sand cast a new housing the way i want it, i have a few other small parts i may need to cast, but ill wait till i getthat far before i bring it up as i may find another way

ok, so here are a few pictures, ill let them do the talking, i also added a few of how i raise and lower the body onto the frame, i need to build me a better body lifting jig for my engine crane

pics of M/C mount with no pedals

with pedals

this something like how i plan on doing my headers, i may stop them there, or run em just past the doors or to the rear fenders, hafta wait and see
that piece is what i ran on my rail buggy, it has a spark arrestor on the end, but i only used it when off roading, i drove it on the street with nothing, no baffle or anything, and in my oppinion it is the best sounding header i have ever bought for a type 1 VW engine, you can still see the mud on it from the last time i drove the rail in the woods after a rainy day, see the mud

can see all the room i have to make headers fit

here is how i raise the body up and down, slow process
lift the front

and the rear

and one day when i get my originaal deck lid straightened out i will be putting it back on, i used this one so i could weld the rear apron section on and get it as straight as possible, the original is bent up a bit

here you can see the theromostate housing i need to replace, needs to point either straught forward, ot forward and down just a bit

untill next time, hope i have the steering all hooked up and maybe a good start on the headers by then, but i need to start fixing an oil leak in my Eldorado, soon as i finish the Bug my son will get the Caddy to drive to and from school till he graduates, and yup, the Bug will become my Daily Driver, im lucky to put 25 miles on a car a week, i gotta be real careful driving now, my $20,000 a tear drug habit (doctor perscribed) has some side effects that make it difficult for me to drive much more than 10 - 15 miles at one time, see i have this button on my ass, and when its pushed in (sitting pushes it in) my eyes tend to take extra long blinks after about 15 - 20 minutes, tell ya, it sure makes driving tough with your eyes closed, i mean ya just cant see shit
thats why im extra careful when it comes to my driving, if i feel the least bit tired or having a bad day and just dont feel like my ussual self i wont drive at all, but most places i go are less than 10 miles from my house, so im good, except my mom, she lives about 12.5 miles away, i need a green card and a doctors note to drive that far :wacko:

well thats it i promise, at least untill i have more finished on this thing


metalmaster1766 July 16th, 2009 04:51 PM

Re: Ron's 66 Bug project
i now have working brakes, after modifying my bracket, i had to add a support that bolts on and keeps the pedals from falling off the shaft, i also started the dash modification, cut it all out, moved it into the car about 6 inches, i did this to make enough room for the steering shaft, so it wasnt right up against the valve cover, i have plenty of clearance now

some pictures,

1st ones are the bracket i made for the pedal assembly, can see where it goes out and around the pivot shaft, has a couple bolts that hold it onto the main bracket

the dash removed, then ya see some rods i used to extend it

dash back where its gonna go

thats it until i get some sheet metal over the dash, then get the steering support bearing mounted, then its just fabricate a steering column to fit between the dash and box (gonna steal the one off my rail for now)
after that its just headers and wire, headers are gonna be a problem for me, unless i can get a deal on a bunch of sets to cut apart that have the same diameter tube, then comes the wiring, but thats rather easy for me

there is a car show is a week from this Sunday the 26th of July, called "Rollin on The River" all sorts of different cars, it has free admission which is the main reason i go every year
i had planned to try and finish my car so i could drive it there, doesnt look like im gonna make it :wacko: but i think im gonna make it by the end of the year :thumbsup:

:dancing: im danicin right along :dancing:

metalmaster1766 July 17th, 2009 07:43 PM

Re: Ron's 66 Bug project
so yesterday i cut and moved the dash back about 6 inches
well today i started covering it, im running out of hoods to use for sheet metal, well that is except the hood from the 81 Mustang which is the car the engine came from

anyway i cut out a section of the hood up front so i have the horse emblem in the middle of the dash


i will slowly fill in the gaps with the rest of the hood

im thinking now maybe i shouldnt paint it, soon all different colored sections inside goves it that lego kinda look :Idunno:

one day im gonna chop the top, but im gonna just lean my front windshield back a few degrees loweing the roof a little bit, chopping the rest out the rear and removing the B pillars
may even lay the rear window down so i dont hafta #1 cut the front windshield and #2 use plastic in the rear

those plans are a long was off tho, i wanna drive it soon :driving:

metalmaster1766 November 3rd, 2009 03:54 AM

Re: Ron's 66 Bug project
Here are a few pictures of the dash after i filled in the sides of it, i had to stop on it until i make a set of headers for it, then i can finish up the firewall, then work out the radiator hoses, then its just a matter of finishing up most of the welds, then I'm gonna work on wiring it up so i can start her up,

a few pics until i resume work, which will most likely be spring time

thats all for now, or until i find a buried fortune in my backyard, cause i have dang near won the lottery 3 times already, granted i didnt get money, but whats money if your dead, i got my organs i needed and I'm still here, to me thats much better than winning the lottery

until next time see ya's :hello: and if ya dont like what ive done with my car, well :finger:


metalmaster1766 December 1st, 2009 04:24 AM

Re: Ron's 66 Bug project
Just thought I'd post an update on my build, well there is no update to speak of, I still need to get headers fab'd up and made so I can resume making the firewall and the rest of the floor, mainly the transmission hump

It's a matter of money, which I have none of at this time, so I plan on getting to the headers around spring of 2010, I may find a few small things I need to finish up, the 1st that comes to mind is my dash extension, but my small mig welder has not been acting right, so until I get time to fix that I'll let it sit

so the next update should be on or around March-April 2010, until then have fun everyone :thumbsup: :grin: :dancing:

metalmaster1766 July 28th, 2010 08:02 PM

Re: Ron's 66 Bug project
Well it's been about a year since I touched the Bug, well I have touched it and also filled it with lots of stuff I needed to put someplace. Hope I can someday soon get back to working on this thing before I end up 6 feet under or in a jar of ashes, between money problems and health issues I have no idea when I shall get back to working on it, I sure hope it soon as I so want to get this thing on the road, or at the least get it all fab'd up so 1 of my two son's can finish it before I end up in that jar on the mantle.

Life is full of ups and downs, mine is in the down stage at the moment, but I never give up on anything, I'll finish it if I pass away the very next day that's how it goes, I just want to get a VW finished before then as it has been a life long dream to get one finished sometime in my life.

Wish me luck.

metalmaster1766 October 3rd, 2010 06:59 PM

Re: Ron's 66 Bug project
Well Summer is gone, :blink: please come back soon :bow:

I had a sudden change of event's, great for me, b'cause I have aquired a 69 VW Bug, :dancing: but at the same time an unfortunate turn of event's for a fellow Cincinatian Eugene69, he need'd a car, and I did the work for him. I took the engine out of his 69... (his intro n build page)

anyhow I put the engine from his 69 into his 74 so he had a running car, I think he burnt a valve in the engine I took out of his 74, almost no compression in #3, the other 3 were all about 75 psi, it had a lotta oil blowby. He had to get rid of his 69 (no place to keep it).

I took it off his hands with hopes to fix the engine from his 74 (it seems to have a good short block), put it back in the 69, install the drivers side floor pan and heater channel, put in the windshield and drive it until....... well until I stop driving :Idunno: or winter makes me put ALL the glass back in.

Ya can't quite make it out in the 1st pic unless you look real hard, way under the car port is Eugene's 74, then the 69 and my 66 with the V8 (been many years since I have had 4 VW's, oh, the Rail has served as a nice lumber/steel rack for a number of years now :rollingeyes: )

a few picture's

ahh my 66 when I 1st bought it in Jan 1994, I was putting a starter on it in 10 inches of sn*w, it's a 4 letter word I won't say as I hate the stuff more and more every winter :finger:) plus I crashed the VW 1 year later in a sn*w storm, I think that's when I started developing a hate for that cold white stuff :Idunno:

and here's my wife's Mustang which fail the E-check emmisions test because it was built to race, it sat and rusted away, which in turn made engine removal much easyer, the Mustang moved down the 1/4 mile in just a tad under 12 seconds.

Well that's my update. I hope to have the 69 running before Oct ends, then I can start fixing the other cars, we have 6 cars all together, now only 1 is drivable, 2 others run but need head gaskets, I hope nothing is cracked, but I can mill anything flat if need be.

Now if we could only have days that are nice and sunny, with no wind what so ever, I might just be capable of fulfilling my goal of Oct 31st, or sooner

:dancing::dancing::bow::bow: for good weather.... and be :driving: real soon!!!

metalmaster1766 January 26th, 2011 03:02 PM

Re: Ron's 66 Bug project
Well I stopped work on the 66 when I needed money to build a set of custom headers, well things have changed, my brother just happens to have a set of stock exhaust manifolds that will fit my small block Ford engine, so as soon as he digs them out I hope to get back to work on it.

once I get an exhaust on it I will start welding in the rest of the fire wall and fill in any other holes. I still need to finish making the body mounts as well.

Once I get it that far along it's time to strip everything apart, then start on the rebuilding of the engine and transmission, I hope to find a 4 speed tranny for it as I set up the pedal assembly with a clutch pedal just for that purpose. While rebuilding the engine I'll be finish welding up the chassis, I wanna box all the welds in where I joined the frame rails as well as where I attached it to the S10 front suspension. I still have lots of work ahead of me, like rebuilding the engine in my once Daily Driver 92 Eldorado, it crapped out on me, or I should say my youngest son crapped it out, long story I won't get into.

Anyhow I hope to start back to work on the 66 V8 project AKA "the BitchN Bug" just maybe I'll have it ready in a few years, or later.
We shall see, remember I work super slow, and have next to no money at all. I'd give my left big toe to go back to work, but don't tell my doctor he may take me seriously and then I'll walk even funnier than I do now. Then I'd have more money, but no time at all to work on my projects :huh: I am lucky to squeeze in 4 hours a week when it's below 40 degrees F and when it's my kind of weather I can get at least 15 hours a week and if I'm feeling really good I can get 25 hours a week in. :dancing:

Wish me luck thru the winter :thumbsup:


metalmaster1766 January 29th, 2012 09:59 PM

Re: Ron's 66 Bug project
Well is been a year and a few days since posting anything here, so I have not touched the V8 Bug, well I have touched it to get some parts out of it, but other than that, I still need to get the Eldorado fixed and out of the garage, and once again, it's winter time

Yes we have had above normal temps for this time of year, but even so the 20 to 30 degree temp change from morning to afternoon take a toll on my body

Wish me luck, my goal is to get the V8 "BitchN Bug" into the garage before April, and that's after I get the Eldorado's engine transplanted with one that works and out of the garage by March 1st, that gives me a month to clean and organize my garage

Until then :hello: C'ya's


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