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WataBug September 6th, 2009 04:24 PM

Budget MAF flange for air intakes
ok got a tech here.

You dont have the money to spend on small things but have things laying around? Heres a lost cost how to make your own Maf Flange to mount a small air filter on.

Two pictures and three steps to make your own maf flange from leftover parts. Use your imagination. If somebody wants a subaru pattern i have one with measurements in case you dont have one and need it. It doesn't have to be
a subaru it can be something else that has a maf sensor on intake or any intake.

Note: when you get both pieces melted and the dripping plastic melted at the same time. u can not break these pieces apart. if you can pull it apart, its not heated enough.

i had a broken square type subaru air intake box and wanted to use a short intake with a small round k&n filter.
Step one =
One pvc 3" coupler - it has to be open on each ends. Mine had a inside center piece that had a ridge inside the middle area. I used a hacksaw and cut it in the middle to separate into two smaller pieces. You'll use the one that has the ridge more so on the edge. The other throw that away.

Step two = use cut off wheel to cut out the flange in the subaru air intake box. Use dremel to clean it up.

Step three = put the end that has the ridge - edge next to the maf flange. Next break off pieces from the subaru air intake box with anything, i'd used plyers. Light a match to the broken plastic pieces and it'll stay burning a small flame and you can then work it in the joint. I started on the inside and then did the outside. you can keep turning the end as its burning and it'll melt the two plastic pieces just enough to allow the plastic your holding (drop burning pieces) down into the groove n smooth it out.
then use sandpaper or dremel to clean up edges n paint, then you can mout your 3 inch k&n filter.

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