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120clown August 17th, 2012 06:31 PM

Newbie here
First off I'd like to introduce myself. I'm from green bay and just got done with and interesting Volkswagen adventure! I found a 1971 vw super beetle about two and a half hours from where I live I've dreamed of building a volksrod for the last few years and today I decided to finally pull the trigger!

So I set out on today's voyage and rode down to where the vw was. Checked it all over and said why not. So we made and exchange of money for the car and that's where the adventure began. I jumped in the 1971 super beetle and headed back home!

Ten miles down the road POOF nothing but a clowd of white smoke behind me :( so I pull over and notice the plastic piece on the oil spout is broken on he bottom and poured oil all over the engine :( so we limped it all the way home followed buy a trail of smoke :(

Then I stop at a parts store to see if they can get me a replacement and not to my Suprise they can't. So it's Internet searching time for me! So I get ready to leave and I can't seem to get the car into reverse :( so I had some freinds push it back and I made it home..

All in all I'm quite happy and have a ton of work in front of me... But that's why I started this adventure :)

Thanks for having me on the boards I can't wait to dig in and do some reading chopping and welding :)

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