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70blackbeetle July 20th, 2010 08:06 PM

1970 Hood Bug/Rolling tribute
Hey everyone!

Basically here is my situation- I am metalworking impaired/on the fence when it comes to cutting a car up- this one especially.

When my great-grandma passed, she left me a sum of money, part of which I used to buy this 1970 Beetle.

The plan is to do the following:
-Slam it (low enough that it doesn't look stupid, high enough where I dont have to worry TOO much when I am driving it on the street)
-Put in a better engine (in a beetle that I plan on keeping full weight, the 1600cc is a little under powered)
-Repaint it and get all the rust gone. I would love a nice patina- but it has been half ass restored already.
-Redo the interior. I was thinking of using metal signs for the door panels, provided I can find some. The rest will be black.
-White walls and stuff from Coker- stuff being the Ford wheels, orange wheels
-Various little things that remind me of my great grandparents.

I would love to do a Volksrod, just not with this one.
I am planning on having little nods to my family through out it- such as the following:

-White walls and 30s/40s style wheels: the Era that my great grandparents were my age.
-Western/Mexican blankets inside the car: my great grandpa was always a big fan of western things
-Ford Hub caps: My great grandpa was always a Ford guy.
-Roof rack: My g-grandma (short handing that :P) loved to travel.
-Metal Orange shift knob/orange wheels: They had an orange orchard for over 40 years.
-Black paint: my g-grandpa and my aunt had bragus cows- black ones. They had a ranch called the Black Gold Ranch- nod to that too.
-Not leaving it unrestored: I know for a fact it would have been something that my g-grandpa would have wanted. He was a neat freak.
-The reason to do this with a beetle: they remind me of home (California) which is where my family is from, and I just like em
-Slamming it: When you look at a couple in their 80s you would never imagine that they had a rebellious bone in their body. My g-grandma was in some ways, so its a nod to her.
That's the end goal.
I know putting that here with a bunch of guys that have butchered beetles is kind of... ironic? But I am so sick of purists, so sick of nostalgic-smell-my-own-farts-in-my-classic-looking-cal-look-beetle people that are about as open minded as a rock to stuff.
I like rods, I like slammed bugs, I like turbo bugs, I like huge strokers, I like stuff that is different.

70blackbeetle July 20th, 2010 08:15 PM

Re: 1970 Hood Bug/Rolling tribute

Thats how she sits now.

1. Ignition switch/key tumbler=bad.
2. Turn signal switch is shot to hell
3. Doors don't close right
4. Needs a new fuel pump (moot considering I am putting a new engine in)
5. The dash=bad bad bad (would like to make it a proper OEM dash- or with some nifty retro gauges- anyone that knows where to source some would be a huge help.
6. The resto is really crappy on it- since I am a bit of a clean freak too- I want to repaint it. Gloss black- but with no BS like glitter or anything.

I can't think of anything else, its really not that bad, I'm stoked to see what I have waiting under the crappy resto it came with. Hopefully no cancer spots.

70blackbeetle July 20th, 2010 08:17 PM

Re: 1970 Hood Bug/Rolling tribute
If their is anyone in the Central Texas/Fort Hood area that could help- that would be very awesome

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