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excello October 11th, 2010 09:24 AM

Frisian Volksrod (the 5 window coupe)
Well, after years of lurking and posting some smart a$$ remarks I thought it was about time to post a build. And seeing as I am building a Volksrod at this moment I guess it's the right kind of car to show.

Anyway, as soon as I saw the first picture of a volksrod I wanted to build one but with the strict rules and regulations over here in the Netherlands I always thought I could only make it to be a trailer queen. Until Radiotrib kind of wrote in his thread the 'magic' words that if you keep the floor standard you can change the top to make it look like you've got a beam extender without having to go trough difficult test and stuff at the RDW (Royal Services Roadtraffic or something like that). As soon as I read that I thought it would be a lot less difficult to get a Volksrod road legal around here. So, within weeks I bought an old bug and started emailing with the RDW.

This is what I bought. It's a standard 1970 1300 with a rusted floor. As soon as I got it home I started to clean it out and quickly there after I cut of the roof.

excello October 12th, 2010 07:08 AM

Re: Frisian Volksrod (another Dutch one)
Ok, so let's continue (had to go to the pub yesterday before I could finish this). As you can see in the second picture I didn't brace anything because I wanted to do a combination of a capella and leatherman chop. The idea was to leave the roof completely intact and move al the other panels to fit the roof. Sadly the roof was not in as good of a shape as I had hoped. The sunroof was stuck and when I started to try and pry it loose I ripped it half way out of the roof. It was like one of those old pre-perforated stamps. So I took the angle grinder and cut out the entire sunroof. I was not happy with that because the plan was not to do any welding to the roof and now I had a big hole in there....

Here's a picture with the roof on. Just like radiotrip I'm going to cut the part in front of the rear wheels to make it shorter. This would make the front window pillars match perfectly and the engine bonnet would be a little lower. But.... that was not going to happen with this roof. I had to find a ragtop or donor roof but I couldn't find anything within my tight budget. I had asked the RDW if I was allowed to change to roof line so I could make it a coupe or station wagon and they said it was ok. So at this point I decided to just ignore the roof and turn my idea around. So instead of starting with the roof and work my way down I was going to start with the floor and work my way up. At this moment I am thinking of a coupe (like the hebmuller hard top) or a fake carson top. But we'll see. Anyway, Time for some more cutting.

Some cuts may look weird but I've got a plan. I want to do as much cutting as possible but with as little as flat sheet metal welding.....

I already had 2 buckets full of crud and rust and after cutting I had another bucket full on the floor..... Lot's of rust.

One bug in pieces.... :wacko:

excello October 12th, 2010 07:16 AM

Re: Frisian Volksrod (another Dutch one)

Cleaning the floor.

After cleaning everything to bare metal I placed the floor on a table and started to build everything up again.

I decided I wanted to move everything back 20 cm (which would make it look like a beam extender of around 8 inches) Also started with making my own heather channels (don't know how else to call them, but there isn't going to be running any heat through them) RDW said it was ok to do that. I'll explain the idea behind that later.

Bought some new floor pans and welded them in.

Cut out the original back part that wasn't completely rusted and welded some pieces of metal to it, which made the back part boxed up.

Finished the heater channels. Because I'm moving the front 20 cm back the conners where the door hinges go are 20 cm back too. If I had used original heather channels and wanted to make it one straight line they would get very thin. This way I am getting the same thickness al the way to the front. Oh and the cheap heather channels where out of stock and I didn't want to buy the expensive A quality one's and cut them up....

After welding the footwell plate to the heather channels it was time to put everything back together again. First test fit of the nose.....

Cutting out al the parts I needed. Looks like my bug exploded.

20 cm back and 7 cm lower. Started welding the door pillars to the heather channels. At this time my roll-up tape measure was almost part of me.

Next I tacked the doors in to place to make sure everything lined up. Also playing with an idea for the door line..... This thing is screaming pick-up to me at this moment but that would give me problems with the RDW rules. But 'fun bucket' would be a cool idea.....

Next up, building the nose and welding in the door hinges to make everything stable.

excello October 25th, 2010 06:45 AM

Re: Frisian Volksrod (another Dutch one)

So.... before I could weld in the new doorposts I had to make the front stable. I wanted the wheel wells to look a bit different (kind of like the hebrod) so I decided to use iron rod on the ridges. First I took 8mm rod and belly bended it to form the tip of the bonnet. (finally found what the combination of sit-ups and beer drinking is useful for) Then I cut out the old wheel well which was a very very very stupid thing to do. I did it because I needed to see how I could make everything fit but in doing so the entire panel became extremely floppy.

Luckily I had already bend the 12mm thick iron rod into the right shape so after welding the rod to the panel it al lined up pretty close. Still needs a bit of pulling and pushing but it'll work. Then I remembered the steering box had to go somewhere. DOH. It does fit but it looks really awkward. So the next e-mail to the RDW was if I could use a rack and pinion. Still waiting on the answer.....

Then I welded the iron rod to the panel on the other side. This time I was smart enough to first spot weld it to the panel and then cut out the wheel well. Really not much left of the original front at this moment.

Next up was the bonnet. I tried the original shorter one but it was showing to much of the front beam. Luckily I had a longer one lying around with the tip of the nose cut of. I had used it for fitment purposes on the white one (the one in the background on some of the picts) but I didn't think it was good enough for permanent placement. But it's good enough for the volksrod. :hmm: So I cut of the tip of the original bonnet and welded it to the longer one. Also put the newer pushbutton handle on it. The bonnet is crooked as hell but I think I can line up everything really nice in the end. Did I mention I am on a budget here.

Now where are all the pictures of al the welding under the bonnet...... BTW, don't let the drawing in my last post fool you. I am not going to build a pick-up. I'll make a drawing soon of what I am planning.

excello November 14th, 2010 08:31 AM

Re: Frisian Volksrod (another Dutch one)

Ok, found the picture. The thiner rod bended to follow the line of the hood and the thicker rod behind it with a metal plate to make the tip of the nose. A lot sturdier now.

Then I bought some sheet metal for the footwell area. Really hard to weld under the dash when the car is still on the table so I'll finish that when the body is of the floor again.

With a newer style handle on the hood I also needed a newer style latch. Why not make it more difficult on my self, right. Cut the latch piece out of a bug nose I had lying around and took about 3 hours to place it in just the right spot. Just 1 mm of and I couldn't open the bonnet.....

Then welded in some pieces of metal to fill the gaps.

Thought this was a nice spot to put the horn. And because I wanted do some unnecessary fabrication I wanted to make a cover for the horn. So what do you do with an ashtray if you don't smoke..... :chillin:

You cut it up to get nice rounded corners. Thought I could say I finished the metal work on the first 10 cm of the car, but I still need to fabricate some more stuff on the front. It looks like the ridge is kind of wobbly but that's the light playing tricks.....

On to the back. I made a frame to place, in the what we around here call the kitty litter box, to get the inner wheel wells to stay in there place. Forgot to take a pic of that... and then I cut them loose from the rest of the back. Now I thought this was an honest car. Totally rusted and covered with little plates pop riveted in place, but no hidden stuff. But I did managed to find some bondo wizardry. Somebody had welded in a new body mount plate but apparently welding on the underside was to difficult so they glued the metal together with bondo. And what better way to hold bondo and metal together then with some good old cardboard. Luckily they used a mobil box because it still looked good after al these years.... Funny stuff. :blink:

Anyway, first I made 2 body mounts and made sure they were level. Now where the front was tricky to line up, the back end was just crazy. The body went down 7cm but the back end had to go up 7cm because of the 7cm tranny raise but it also had to go 2cm forward..... so 21- 7 + 7 - 2 = ...... :sawzall: :welder: :AssScratch: :thumbsup:

Tada.. it's in. Aaaah, the trickery of a flash light on your camera. It looks like the jack with the wood block is right under my level....

But actually it isn't. This is the frame that kept everything in place.

A little more bracing and the doorposts are in the right place and stay there. I know this because in this pic the camera is where the door should be. Need to buy more iron rod and start bending the shape for the back end.....

Well here we are. Next up.... make money to buy parts. Got some illustration work so I got to watch my fingers. So no metal cutting and welding for a few days.... Oooh look at my poor 1302 in the background waiting for some much needed TLC.

I'll leave you with this drawing I made. I am leaning toward doing a coupe but I am still a bit hesitant because I have no idea how I should make the roof.... and it feels like I am pushing the design a bit because it almost doesn't resemble a bug anymore..... but I think it does look cool. :dancing:

Haha, just noticed I forgot to draw in the little fenders....

excello December 15th, 2010 09:36 AM

Re: Frisian Volksrod (another Dutch one)
Time for another update. As I said in the last post, I needed to get more iron rod to shape the rear of the car. Well, when I bought the 12mm for the front I asked the guy at our local DIY store if he could order more if I needed more. And where he said oh yes sure no problem, when I came for more his college's were saying oh no, no... no well maybe if you buy more then 10... maybe... So I went to the DIY megastore... Where they only have 10mm. It's just 2mm but you can see the difference clearly, so I got to figure out how to fix that later.

Anyway, started to bend the 10mm and used my other bug project to check if I got the radius right.....

And then welded the rods to the green one.

Then I welded some sheet metal (the gray pieces) to the rods to get it sturdy. Made some room for the shocks using the bottom part of a fire extinguisher. Guess that makes it strong enough....

I was still not sure if I would go with the coupe idea or not but in the end I decided to just do it. I kind of forgot to take pictures of the part where I aligned the bonnet and made my own hinges but it's way to hard for me to explain it in words. So I hope you can figure it out for yourself. (I used the red part thats lying in the car....) I didn't have a spare long engine lid so I used a later model one.

Then I started cutting up 2 front bonnets trying to get the overall shape. Checked how it was done on the hebrod about a 100 times and then went at it.

Trying to get the lines right....

More cutting and welding and :AssScratch:

Almost there but the sheet metal was just to flexible to stay in the right place......

So I made an A-shape out of 8mm rod (where the nose cone is going the be) to force everything to stay in the right place. I did like the look of the flat underside of the later model hood but I didn't think it was going to cover the engine enough. Also I think I would keep the feeling that it would look 'unfinished'. So more cutting and welding..... And off course I can always change it back. :panic:

Almost there but I think it still needs some tweaking.

excello December 25th, 2010 07:38 AM

Re: Frisian Volksrod (another Dutch one)

Just a quick update. Filled the holes in the rear bonnet with the skin of a front bonnet. The hole in the middle I am going to keep for cooling...

...for the horizontal cooling fan. :dancing:

Another shot of the hood but now the 2 rods at the bottom are gone....

....because I replaced them with this. The hood still needs some tweaking but it was good enough to use as reverence point. Took a plate of metal, measured it to get it symmetrical, then welded iron rods to it and cut out the middle piece. Which I am going to weld in later after I know where the engine is going to sit exactly.

Then I welded the hood to the frame again (I'm going to finish it after I get the entire rear straight and sturdy) and fitted the front cowl part to it. That's the red part. But it was just to difficult to guess where the end of the roof was going to line up.... I started on the front of the roof and then going to work my way back. In the front a 5.5 inch drop in the middle it's 4 but I'm going to push it down to 4.5 inch. Hope it's low enough for the look I am going for, but I already hit my head on the roof when I was sitting in the car..... Technically the roof is 7.5 inches lower to the floor pans then original because of the body drop.... We'll see. Now it's time for 2 days of lots of eating and beer drinking with friends and family. Merry Christmas everyone...

excello January 14th, 2011 06:18 AM

Re: Frisian Volksrod (another Dutch one)

Ok, I wanted to do a 3 window coupe but I couldn't figure out a way to make the door work without some ridicules modifications. So.... a 5 window coupe it's going to be. Made a little sketch to see if it would work......

Next, make it in metal. First I bended a rod to figure out where the bottom of the roof would go and connected it with some leftover front hood. Then I took the lower part of the side of the roof and pie cutted it like crazy....

After some moving and bending on how I wanted the line of the roof to flow I welded it together. On this pic it is actually a bit to high in the middle but I already had welded the support frame in the middle.

But a good tug and I got it to go a bit lower. Now it's chopped 4 inches in the middle. Also made a little template to see how I wanted the little windows to sit.

And after a lot of cutting, welding and:AssScratch: I got it done.

Funny how much time I need to figure this stuff out. Because it took me about a days work to get one side done and the other side just took me 2 hours......

Here's an overall look. Next is figuring out how I am going to make the rest of the roof........ :Idunno:

Also started on some color variations.... and finally drawn some fenders on the car.... need to do some real designing on how I want those to look....


excello February 6th, 2011 08:35 AM

Re: Frisian Volksrod (another Dutch one)
More roof stuff. Wanted the roof lines to look like an old Ford but I have never seen one in real life. And internet pictures are helpfull to up to a point so I just had to wing it.

Took another iron rod en bended it to make it flow like I thought it should. It curves with the raingutter to make it flow smooth with no weird angled corners. I hope....

Then I filled the gaps with sheetmetal.

Same thing on the other side.

Then it was time to make the rooftop. First up, the curve of the roof corners. I don't have an english wheel or anything like that, so i had to find something that's close to the shape I want. Well, that's another set of rear fenders cut up. They are '68's but rusted at all the corners so no loss there.

They are a close fit but not a perfect fit so I had to make some relief cuts. Would of been smarter to fit the fenders firts and then make the wire frame under it but of course I did it the other way around.....

And then I started to tack it in place. Curved sheetmetal that thin is bound to warp so thats why the hamers are there. Real pain in the a$$. So before welding it all, I started on the other side. A few tacks and that side done to for now. No pics of that yet (my camera is slowly dying on me)

Then I started to figure out the rear window, which didn't work out like I wanted it and the roof skin wasn't working with me either... so some :AssScratch: is going to be required. But becoming this months CBotM just gave me a new burst of energy so I'll figure it out soon enough. :dancing: More to come soon. And thanx everyone for watching.

excello February 22nd, 2011 02:58 PM

Re: Frisian Volksrod (another Dutch one)
Even more roof stuff.....

After getting the rounded edges tacked it was time to fill the rest of the roof. Took the roof skin that was left and started cutting.

Few hours later, it's dark outside again and the roof skin is tacked on. However the top of the roof is to high to reach with the welder..... and after I fell of on of the chairs I thought it was time to get the car on the floor.

As soon as the car was on the ground I didn't like the way the roof was flowing. It was bothering me a bit when it was on the table but with the new perspective it was just not working for me. Jacked the car up a bit, played with some tires, made this picture, took it home and did some PS on it.

So the next day... 'Of With It's Head!!!!' And chop.

Cut two 1 inch pieces out of the leftover a pillars, welded them in and put everything back together again. Guess it's a 4 inch chop all around now.... should make fabricating the top of the doors a bit easier. Then I did a boring 2 days of hammering (because the curved roof edges warped like crazy after welding) and next up is the rear window..... :Idunno: Still a lot more work on the roof to come.

excello April 4th, 2011 07:31 AM

Re: Frisian Volksrod (another Dutch one)
Time for another update. Don't wanna become Lazy Bastard of the Month so soon after having been CBotM. :grin: Anyway, time for the rear window.

Had been playing around with a lot of different designs and ideas but nothing really worked for me. Tried to make something out of the old rear window parts but the curve was totally wrong. So I decided to bite the bullet and build it from scratch and make something that would probably work for me. Hopefully.... So I started with a drawing on tracing paper. Not to big so it wouldn't fit in the roof frame and not to small so I couldn't watch out of it.

Made some wooden templates and then started marking where to cut. Looks like a big hole....

Some angle iron, bit of cutting and welding followed by some burning wood makes the first part of the window frame....

... then some 12 mm iron rod, bended and welded to the first frame part and we've got something to put in that big hole....

And welded. In hindsight I probably should've made a little curve to the top of the frame.... Hopefully it doesn't become to distractive. Have to see what happens when it's in one color and there is a window in there. You can also see the 3 inch trans raise I made. Not finished yet but I needed to know how high the transmission is, so I can figure out how to fill the rear with sheet metal.

Here's the rear window after some grinding. For now I am ok with it. I am thinking of a pop out window so I can still mess around a bit with the curve and stuff.

Here is the inside. Not done yet.

Then I started on my seats. Maybe a bit early, but I wanted to see how much space I have to work with in the back. (window templates also work as temporary back rests)

I am still trying to figure out the seats but the weather is getting better around here so I'll be spending more time on my white bug because I want to get it ready for paint. So progress on the volksrod will be a bit slow(er) from now on I guess...

excello November 21st, 2011 09:37 AM

Re: Frisian Volksrod (another Dutch one)
Guess it's time for an update. It's been a while. So... where were we. Last picture I was trying out a seat and had a big square hole in the roof....

Well, after that I tried to fill that hole with the leftovers I had from the sun roof. However, it didn't fit that well. Also tried to get the ridge (no idea how it's called) out of the roof so I started filling everything with little pieces of metal. Didn't really work so I tried to fit a mock up engine in the engine bay instead. It almost fits, just hits the hood.

Then I fitted the rear panel. Still not sure what to do with the roof. So I decided I was going to work on my other bug. I needed some parts....

...and than this happened. I could only buy the parts that I needed if I would buy everything else too. Long story short, I am rebuilding the black one in the picture which took more time then I had hoped for and the volksrod got put in a corner (you can't even see it in this pic.)

The black bug is almost done and I promised Rabiotrib I would have the volksrod rolling for the KWF event in January so after a few months.....

I cut the roof of again. :funny: I just couldn't figure out how I was going to build the roof, because nothing lined up. The back of a sunroof plate is almost the same shape as the front of a roof. Almost being the important word. Meanwhile I had cut up a bug (the dark green one of the 3) and it had a complete roof. It took me a few months but then it hit me....

Test fit. It works.

But with the roof of it was much easier to work on certain spots without hitting my head constantly. Made a plate on the inside of the rear window, test fitted some other seats and filled the footwell. See that red piece....?

That red piece is to make room for my speedo. Didn't know what I wanted to do with my dashboard. Getting rid of most of it seamed the logical thing to do.

Then I put the roof back on. Also changed the undersides/corners of the window pillars so now they are rustfree.

And this is how it looks from the inside. Vroom vroom. Think I'll make 2 more units from smaller headlights for the rev counter and something else and maybe some bars... we'll see.

Next up. More welding.

excello November 28th, 2011 04:22 PM

Re: Frisian Volksrod (another Dutch one)

Ok, so the roof was on, but not welded all around. Because I didn't want the 'ridge' in the roof I made an extra cut and started welding..... and hammering, cussing, cutting and more welding.

And here it is done on the other side. It's not completely rounded but the ridge or fold... is gone. Well, it will be gone after some lead loading. (need to learn how to do that....)

Then it was time to try and fit a door. Of course, just like everything else on this car,it wasn't an easy cut and weld. Because of the coupe bottom line, the door wasn't in the same line as the rear courter window. So I needed to put another body line in the door. Also, I wanted the window line to be flat and not slope down. Guess the picture explains what I did.

And done. Well, tacked at least. Still need to hit it with a hammer a few times. Think I'll let the new door line come out of the bullet mirrors I hope to use. Waiting on an eBay action.... :unsure:

Then I started on the wheel well on the front. Used the old rear fenders to get the basic shape. Now I need some sheet metal.....

excello December 30th, 2011 05:12 PM

Re: Frisian Volksrod (another Dutch one)
A quick last update for 2011. :grin:

First I took a square tube and cut it in half. Welded it on the underside of the 'heather channels' and then welded a 10mm rod on to it...... Wait, this sounds familiar. Oh yeah, did this on the other side already but forgot to document it.

Next, fitting the door. Cars... you always have to do 2 sides...

Sheet metal in the rear....

then the top of the door......

Test fit of the engine. Real tight fit. I am not worried about the top because I want to custom build the cooling, horizontal cooling or center mounted set up. But the heads were really close to the body. Had to take of a valve cover to get the engine in..... Time to think up something different.

Can you see it.....? Removable rear valance and some square tubing to make it sturdy. Put on some alu valve covers to make sure I have enough room....

Because I had lifted the dash, the stock hinges of the bonnet didn't fit anymore. I had been thinking about a forward hinging bonnet but thought it was a bit to much. But now I had a good reason to build it. So after buying some BMW parts... Tada. It took me a while to figure it out but it works now. Just need to build some catchers.

Then I started filling the wheel wells and other stuff. Bit of welding here, bit of welding there and my welder started giving me more and more BS. And then it started hissing.... The inside of the torch had melted and had burned a hole in the co2 hose.... I was holding the torch and didn't even notice it. It's freezing outside and we have no heating so I was enjoying the free hand warmer. :grin:

With not being able to weld anything else anymore I pulled the body of the floor. Making everything ready for the IRS conversion. Hopefully my welder parts (wish it was a complete new welder) show up fast because next week this thing needs to be on a trailer for the KeverWinterFestijn. I have a rolling pan but I hope I can role it on this pan with 944 trailing arms..... We'll see....:Idunno:

Next up, drinking beer at a new years party. And then a week of a lot of :sawzall:and :welder:
Happy new year to you all.

excello January 16th, 2012 03:06 AM

Re: Frisian Volksrod (another Dutch one)
Well, it's been a busy 2 weeks. Last update I had the car in parts and ready for IRS conversion. Trying to get everything ready for the 'KeverWinterFestijn' event. I got the IRS conversion done, but forgot to take pictures of that. But it's well documented on the net so you get the idea....

I installed the 944 trailing arms and borrowed the front beam from the white bug and then had a rolling pan. I then dropped the body on the pan. Yes I dropped it, oops. A lot of people at the KWF asked if it was a race-car or something like that, but the D90's with slicks was the only complete set I had laying around that would fit... (You can still see the seat-rails on the pan, but I removed them because the seats weren't done in time)

Then it was time to get the coupe on the T3. T3???? Yes, I had no idea how to get the volksrod to the show and I really didn't want to pay for a loan-truck (which would have cost me around 600 euro's for the 3 trips I had to make.... yup, 3 trips...) so I bought a VW T3 single cab pick-up. I've been looking for a shop truck for more then a year but couldn't find anything to my liking. At this moment however, there was no more 'I want' but only 'I need'. So I just scraped al the money together I could get my grabby little fingers on (with some mayor help from my mom :bow:) and bought the first pick-up I could find. Yes I know, not smart. On monday it was mine, on friday I had to drive. Cutting it close.

Anyway, bought ramps that where too short, and I was alone in the shop, so I had to get creative in getting the coupe in the back. This was on thursday...

But in the end I got it on the bed. At this time it was 5 o' clock in the morning and I had just done a 19 hour 'shift' getting the welding done and the coupe on the pick-up. I was a bit tired. In a previous post I showed the removable rear valance I made but while measuring the bed and the coupe I discovered that cutting the rear a but closer would make it just fit in the back. There are picts of the coupe at the KWF without the rear because I had to finish the welding on the valance on Saturday morning....

After a few hours of sleep I got back to the shop and with some help I got everything strapped down and buttoned up. Yes, there is a bug in the back of that pick-up. :grin: Of to Rosmalen, at a snails pace. The 1.6 diesel was not really up to it... and of course I got lost. So 5 minutes to closing time a got at the KWF. Aaargh!!!! Luckily more people weren't ready and in about 30 minutes we got the coupe of the back. Thanks to a lot of help :thumbsup: I got it at the show. 3 hours drive back and some sleep and then finish the valance.

Saturday and the show starts. Lot's of people looking at how this thing got build. Kind of cool to have the least finished car at a big show like this. Funny thing, I didn't want a pink hood on my car so I did a quick rattle can job on the hood as you can see in this pic. But everybody thought it should be open to see all the welding on the inside (and I couldn't get the hood to close properly..) so everybody could see the pink on the inside. Oh well....

Here is an over-all shot of the stand. 5 Volksrods together. We were at the enterance so we were the first thing you would see when coming in (oh and the 2012 new beetle, haha) and the last when going home. On sunday everybody was cleaning up and we were still talking to the last visitors. Guess the dutch are a little more aware of Volksrods now. :chillin:

All in all, a really hectic weekend for me but a lot of fun too. Even tough the car is far from done, I am happy I went. Next year I hope to be driving to the show in the coupe though.

So next up.... I have to get 2 other bugs done, so the coupe will be in a corner for a month or 2. However, it'll probably be at a show in may so by then I'll be hard at work on it.

excello January 16th, 2012 04:21 AM

Re: Frisian Volksrod (another Dutch one)
Here's a slidshow of the volksrods at the KWF

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