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metalmaster1766 October 3rd, 2010 07:43 PM

I aquired another VW
I'll make a long story as I just updated and mentioned it on my intro/build page.

I add'd a couple pictures of the 69 VW I aquired from fellow Cincinnatian Eugene (Eugebe69 username here). It needs a bit of finish work, but I need a car to drive purty bad, so I'm gonna put in a floor pan and heater channel on the drivers side, then weld in some sheet metal behind the rear seat, fire wall back there is cut out and needs covered back up before I drive it in the cold.

I also have a good short block which came out of his 74 Bug, I believe a burnt valve in the notorious #3 cylinder is what doomed the engine, little to no compression in that cylinder, the other 3 were all at 75 psi. I have a few sets of pistons and cylinders to put on the short block as well as a good set of D/P heads, they have been sitting since 97 when I tore my Rail's engine apart to have it line bored along with the #1 mains thrust machined, I have just never gotten around to buying the main, rod and cam bearings and reassemble it. It should only take me a week or so to assemble the rest of the engine so I have a running VW again :dancing::dancing:

Here's the 69 at my place along with my 66 you can see sitting waiting for me to get back to work on it (not a priority)

In the picture above, if you squint your eyes just rite you may be able to make out my Rail behind the tree house on the left side, it is white, here it is before getting covered with everything and lot's of weeds, but it is in the same place in both pictures

Wish me luck, also please wish me some warm weather, like 90's and sunny, I can settle for sunny and no wind what so ever in the hi 30's

Here's the back of the 69, Eugene put an oval rear window clip into it, I think I may change the rear a bit as well, make some custom fenders for it using the original rears and part of a deck lid, not real sure as to what I'm gonna do, but I'm gonna try something different. That engine isn't in the car as I put it in Eugene's 74 so he had a good running car.


AirheadZim October 3rd, 2010 07:55 PM

Re: I aquired another VW
nice stuff there metalmaster....I was checking out the little front bumper arrangment on that VR in the first pic. If you ever get a chance to shoot a few closer pics of that Id like to see how it was done. Thanks.

1965aaron October 3rd, 2010 10:28 PM

Re: I aquired another VW
theres pics on Eugenes intro. its a barbell.

metalmaster1766 October 4th, 2010 04:19 AM

Re: I aquired another VW

Originally Posted by AirheadZim (Post 482310)
nice stuff there metalmaster....I was checking out the little front bumper arrangment on that VR in the first pic. If you ever get a chance to shoot a few closer pics of that Id like to see how it was done. Thanks.

Thank ya, I didn't do any of the work on the VR at all, and as for the bumper, it is just some small diameter tubing welded to it. I can get some pictures of it for you, it may be a couple of days but I will get a few for you.


Originally Posted by 1965aaron (Post 482317)
theres pics on Eugenes intro. its a barbell.

Eugene did have the curl barbell bar on it at one time, but he took it off I guess to use it for what it was originally intended for. I do believe I am gonna hafta recut the beam and raise it up a bit, it has maybe an inch between the bottom of the shock towers and the ground, which is a bit much.

I would like to rebuild an entire floor pan I have and raise the front bulkhead and the rear torsion housing so it has full suspension travel, and maybe put a set of air bags on to drop it on the ground as my parking brake.

First I just want to get it in drivable condition until I can get my Eldorado fixed, then I will do some work on the VR and get back to work on the V8 Bug. I just need a good running car ASAP.


metalmaster1766 October 8th, 2010 09:48 AM

Re: I aquired another VW
Well I started with a good short block, spent the week cleaning parts which have been sitting around for 14 years, and put together an engine for the 69 Vrod. I hope to get it installed this weekend, just hafta wait and see if time and energy are possible to squeeze into my busy schedual (NOT) :rollingeyes:

I ended up using a set of 87mm pistons and cylinders, which as I said have been siting for almost 14 years waiting to be used, I only hope that the rings last as they looked good, and as I remember they only had about 5000 miles on them when I took the engine apart to have it line bored, just never could get the money to put the engine back together, other priorities came about.

So I assembled the engine, added all my chrome cooling tin ( I never run chrome on a full bodied VW, learned that the tough way ) and now it's just a matter of setting it in, hooking up a few wires and turning the key. Then I need to take care of the title and then I shall be :driving: around again. :dancing::dancing:

Anyway I took a few pictures yesterday morning after I had almost everything ready to go, just need to get the engine off the stand and get it in. The thing I do hafta do is paint the headers, I'm just gonna paint them black, to much chrome is bad for the eyes, and bad on the engine when it's in the 90's and sunny.
(WARNING - wear sun glasses when sunny out before viewing engine)

after I get the title straightened out I plan to finish putting in the left floor pan and heater channel, and put all the glass back in. I also think I'm gonna make some rear fenders to, anything is better than nothing when you are lucky enough to get tickets like I did last time I had those nerf bar bumpers years ago, tickets for no front or rear bumpers, so I'm gonna hafta figure out a classic way to put a bumper on it. I just don't have the money to spend on tickets, and the township I live in tickets you for J-walking. :finger:


Should I start another Build page for this, or just add it to my V8 Bug build page? as I mentioned I didn't do any of the work to this yet, other than put together an engine, but I do plan on finishing it. I do need to fix my mig welder before welding any sheet metal, I have a stick welder but I never was good at sheet metal with a stick welder, well nothing thinner than 1/8 inch.


metalmaster1766 October 14th, 2010 07:45 PM

Re: I aquired another VW
Engine is in, fired it up earlyer this evening, seems to run just fine altho I do need to check the timing again to make sure it's set rite, other than that all I need to do is switch the front brakes over to disc (tomorrow if I can get to the front of my buggy to get them off) then install the front windshield and test drive it up and down the street a few times.

Maybe I can get someone to work the camera and get some video, and I'm betting it rides like it's got stiff rods for shocks up front, I think I'm gonna hafta cut and reweld the front beam a bit to raise it up an inch or so, right now the beam has been turned as low as it could possibly go and when I jump up and down on the front it doesn't move at all. Plus there is about 8 inches between the top and bottom shock mount and I wanna run front shocks.

I think I'm gonna take an old pan I have and raise up the front bulk head and also the rear torsion housing to get the low down look rather than do away with any suspension travel at all.

:driving: :dancing:

metalmaster1766 November 4th, 2010 06:04 PM

Re: I aquired another VW
So the past few days I have been cutting out the drivers side floor pan and heater channel, now I need to find my grinder so I can grind everything to bare metal and make sure it all fits in properly before welding it in, I have been looking for my 4-1/2 inch grinder for the past 3 days and I'm about to give up.

I also was thinking in my head about what I'm gonna do to the rear end of the car, I like the way Timbo's looks and think I'm gonna make it somewhat like that except I will be adding a small part of the rear fenders as well (I'll get a ticket for not having fenders, even if I was in a crowd of 200 VW's without running fenders, I'd be the one to get the ticket, I know this from experience)

So I look at my Buggy and decide to take the rear cage off it and set it up on the back of the 69 (pics at the end of my post) I think I'm gonna build a cage for the inside and run it completely up front to the beam, and also run it out the back to protect the engine (I've been rear ended to many times to keep track) from those that don't pay attention to the car in front of them.

I set the cage from my buggy and I think it looks ok, I'll make it a bit different and add something to it that just stands out, just not sure what yet.

I have also decided to raise the front and rear torsion as well so it sits nice and low (chop top next fall and winter as well), I was going thru my stuff and found part of a rear torsion housing and set it inside on top of the center tube where it goes, looks like I could raise it almost 6 inches if I just stack one on top of the other.

So I was wondering what's the most that somebody raised their torsion housing, I have looked it and read about a 4 inch raise but that was about the most. Would raising it 4 inches and flipping the rear trailing arm get it about as low as a 6 inch raise because I don't wanna raise it more than I have to and I want it to be as strong as possible.

pic's below
Rear Cage

Rear Cage

Rear Cage

Torsion housing sitting on top - 6 inch raise

Criticism welcome, I love all and any.
I'll start another build page for this as the BitchN Bug is in hold until I get this one drivable. :thumbsup:


metalmaster1766 November 20th, 2010 10:39 PM

Re: I aquired another VW
So a bit over 2 weeks and I have the floor pan in and the heater channel, still have a bit of welding to do in order to finish it up.

Started on the rear package try behind the rear seat, I was gonna weld in the one I :sawzall: out of my 66 V8 "BitchN Bug" but it was way to rusty to use, so I did what I did in the 66.

I had another S-10 hood and I :sawzall: out a piece from the front of it and I'm gonna weld it in the rear. I plan on changing things a bit, I'm gonna raise the bottom of the package tray up a bit higher (it'll be the top instead of the bottom), then I'm gonna use the front section off the hood and cut up a custom grill which was a bad luck charm (both blazers it was on were totaled on the passengers side, so I'm gonna cut it up(and modify it) so it can't pass on the same kind of luck if I sell it(or give it) to someone else).

Here's a few pic's of the floor pan and heater channel, I'll add the rear package tray after I get it all :welder: in, or finished

old pan & heater channel before

New pan and heater channel installed

That's all for now

I've been wanting to drive it more and more as I get further along.

I just can't work that fast anymore. :huh: :blink: :Idunno:

C'ya :hello:


Ryan November 21st, 2010 06:56 AM

Re: I aquired another VW
looking good. keep it up. i am going nuts not having a place to work on stuff.

metalmaster1766 November 23rd, 2010 06:07 PM

Re: I aquired another VW
So now that I have the floor pan and heater channel all finished I needed to close in the huge hole behind the rear seat area, what's it called, the luggage holder, hell I don't know :Idunno:

Any how this is what it looked like before I did any work to it other than put an engine in it

So I decide to cover it in, and I don't like to spend money on sheet metal, or anything else for that matter, and seeing how I still have lots of sheet metal from the hoods and roofs of old cars I have since junked or gotten rid of, I used the hood from another Chevy S10 truck to keep it looking a bit like my other Bug, except I'm gonna mount the custom grill from a truck as well

Here's the hood

Here it is after a few tack welds and with the grill just sitting almost in place

I still need to cut out some more pieces of hood to build the section to mount the grill to and fill in the hole completely.

I did set the rear seat in place to see what it will look like, I may go out and snap a picture and post it a little later tonight now that the batteries in my camera are all charged up.

here's the pics with the rear seat in place

I think it looks purty good with the seats in, but I still gotta finish the hole, maybe over the weekend if it warms up a bit, supposed to be rather cold Friday and I can't remember what they said about the weekend, I'd sure like to have a sunny day if it's gonna be below the 50's. I wear a thick coat when the temp is in the lower 60's.

gettin closer to :driving: :clapping: :grin:


metalmaster1766 December 13th, 2010 09:06 PM

Re: I aquired another VW
Well a few days ago we had a nice sunny day in the mid 30's and I wanted to get the hole filled in behind the rear seat so I cut up some cardboard to make a pattern, then transfered that to the rest of the hood I used.
Aftercutting it out and bending it a biy here and a bit there, trim some off and after a while it fit purty good, so then I got out the welder and tack welded it in :dancing:

No more BIG hole to let in the cold air. Well pictures say more than I can so here is the picture after I got the piece tack welded in, it doesn't look all that good just yet, but I still have a lot of work to do on this once I get it going because I need a drivable car last week,

I just dropped my wifes car off at the body shop to have it fixed after we got hit in the rear quarter panel and the asswipe that did it took off, and to think we almost dropped full coverage on it the week before. It did $1200 worth of damage to the car and we have a $500 deductable but due to good driving we only hafta pay $300 of that.

Looks like it's gonna be another month before I can register the 69 so I can drive it as the $300 took money away from my license and registration fees.

Here's a pic of the finished rear seat area with the seat out, and I also plan to put the custom grill from an S10 Blazer behind the seat to give it a different look if I drive with the rear seat out or folded down

I hope that keeps the cold out and next is to finish wiring up the head lights and tail lights, turn signals and wiper motor and switch and I'm ready to start driving it.

Oh yeah I almost forgot about the disk brakes I have that I want to put on the front. but that may hafta wait till spring gets closer.

If anyone has any comments please feel free to let me know, I don't take anything personal, I just do what I can with what materials I have on hand. See I don't have the money top buy much at all so I use what ever I can find to do the job :thumbsup:


Daddy o's 67 December 14th, 2010 05:42 AM

Re: I aquired another VW
A very clean looking update to the rear luggage area. Good job :thumbsup::thumbsup:.

rostigbug December 15th, 2010 06:28 PM

Re: I aquired another VW
Beautiful work!:bow:
The ridge in the middle of the S-10 hood adds an interesting detail and ridigititty.
Clever of you the way you cut a notch in the ridge to get it to bend!:clapping:
I also use recycled sheet metal, major appliances are a major source of sheetmetal for me.Electric dryers have a TON of really high quality wire as well. Building my VR (AKA Lumpy) He had some rust....
To build the lower 1/2 of both hinge pillares and the front 1/2 of both heater channels I used swingset pipe,bed frame,futon frame,trampoline frame,refergerator door and a little bit of dishwasher.
For floor pans I used some old 3/4 plywood--guarenteed not to rust:funny:

metalmaster1766 March 1st, 2011 08:59 AM

Re: I aquired another VW
Well where should I start :hmm:, well it's almost Spring and I'm almost ready to start driving this VW. I still hafta put a master cylinder on it, but I did get the disc brakes on the front, so I should be able to stop it now since bleeding them, then fixing the 2 lines which decided to blow the day after I bled the brakes.

So then last Wednesday (Feb 23rd) as I was changing into my work clothes and I went to put my dentures in my mouth, I smiled at myself and noticed the right side of my face wasn't moving, my 1st thought was :ohmy: I had a stroke, so I started thinking what is it I need to do, 3 S's, well I couldn't smile (well I could but only 1 side of my face was working) so I started talking to myself and all sounded ok, next I tried to stretch, my arms went up just fine, so I didn't wanna call my wife at work because she would have panicked and she stresses enough about my health problems and I didn't want her stressing and driving home, so I went outside to the garage and began moving everything out of the way, then I pulled out the 69 V-Rod, which I think I have co,me up with a good name for, gonna call it the "SixtyNiner" (until I come up with a better name).

Anyway as soon as I got it out it ran out of gas, then the battery went dead, so I closed up shop, went inside and waited intil my wife got home from work, she told me about her day, then I stopped her and said "look at this" and I smiled at her, well she panicked :panic::panic: grabbed the phone, called both my doctor's offices (which closed at 5pm and it was like 5:08) she left a message for the doc on call who returned her call and said "get him to the ER" due to my health record, we get to the ER, standing room only, I grab a mask because I have a lowered immune system from my med's from my organ transplants, they call me back in maybe 3 minutes and do all the testing to rule out a stroke (Thank you Lord, I knew it wasn't but ya just never know if it may have been a small stroke leading to larger deadly stroke) I had Bell's Palsy, which for those who may not know it when 1 side of your face gets paralyzed they THINK it is caused by a viral infection but really don't know what causes it.

Ok now that I got that out the way (sorry I love telling stories, and all of mine are true believe it or not) This past Saturday and Sunday both my boys (men now at 24 and 18) helped me play musical cars, I have a 92 Eldorado which needs an engine, I bought a 93 Caddy Sedan-Deville which didn't have the Northstar in it, so it must have been an early model 93 because they started putting the Northstar engine in the Eldorado's and Sedan-Devilles in 93. The Eldorado had no brakes due to a broken brake line and my driveway is all down hill (not very steep but still down ward with a utility pole across the street in case of an emergency) We got the Eldorado into the garage and the Sedan-Deville in, then the SixtyNiner in the driveway last.

I was hoping to change out the master cylinder today, but I was put on steroids for the Bell's Palsy, and those take the imflamation out of my joints and make me able to move like nothing is wrong, BUT once they get out of my system it's hurt city (I have osteoarthritis and cannot take any kind of anti inflammatory meds due to my transplanted kidney, which BTW I found out has critical damage from the Biopsy I had on Feb 18th and cannot be treated (sorry for talking in circles).

So now as soon as I get the brake cylinder on and have my son weld up the inside firewall from where the heater channels have been replaced I'm gonna register in and start driving it, before the 1st day of Spring I hope. That gives me 19 days to get it registered and licensed and insured, Then I'm mobile, which is gonna be a great feling because I haven't had a car since a bit over a year ago when my youngest son blew up my Caddy. I hope to have that engine transplanted in a few weeks with his help, after all, he blew the dadgum thing up.

I'll be damned if I'm crawling under it, I'll coach him along and help him if he can't do something seeing how he has never done anything to a car but change tires around and check the oil. By the time I was his age (18-1/2) I had rebuilt several VW engines, and could pull the engine out of my 74 Cutlass which had a 455 engine (The Great White was it's name, and I kept the engine and tranny from it for a future project, it was gonna go into the BitchN Bug but was to dang heavy) anyhow I could get home from work on Friday at 6pm and pull the engine and have it back in and driving it by midnight (had to put an oil pan gasket on it).
Those days are long gone for me, but in my mind I can still do it, my body just doesn't wanna cooperate.

Well again, I'm sorry for being so long winded, but when you spend 5 days a week home alone talking to ones self, this forum gives me a place to unleash my mind and what all it has to say (and I could go on about the Friday before the 23rd about my biopsy, but I'll spare you all that due to this super long winded typing. I have blisters on my fingers ! (aren't those from a song? I just can't remember at the moment)

:dancing: But I never let a little pain stop me as I live a life in pain from my arthritis each and everyday, along with the never damage in my legs and feet from nuropathy from the 25 years I lived with type 1 Diabetes. (another story all it's own)


carcentric March 1st, 2011 08:00 PM

Re: I aquired another VW

Originally Posted by metalmaster1766 (Post 501972)
. . . . I have blisters on my fingers ! (aren't those from a song? I just can't remember at the moment) . . . .

The Beatles' white album. (Actually, it's: "I got blisters on me fingers!")

As one long-term diabetic/neuropathic to another, I can relate to almost all you posted. The way I see it, though, is there's only one choice for us - be resentful for what we've lost or grateful for what we have left. Keep on truckin' . . . .

metalmaster1766 March 4th, 2011 12:09 PM

Re: I aquired another VW
Well this past week I put on a master cylinder, brakes worked great for a few minutes, then one of the rear wheel cylinders blew. Now the question is, wait another week and fab up everything so I can put disc on the rear, or see if I have any good wheel cylinders laying around, put them on and drive it while I'm fab'n up the rear disc setup I have. I need to modify 2 old rear drums, and make a bracket for the caliper. I should be able to use the VW brake cable for the E-brake.

Today I also pulled it out on the street and took a few pictures, I need to drop the rear end down a bit, but that can wait until I get the disc brakes go on.
I still need to make some headlight mounts cause the ones on it are way to low, after I do that this weekend and get the turn signals working I will get it registered on Monday and see how it does.
I know it rides rough from the trip up the street and back, I should probably cut and turn the beam back up, then get some drop spindles for it.
I also cut a hole in the rear deck lid so the exhaust could stick out, it open all the way, but I need to cut a little more off the bottom so it closes all the way, as well as take a bit off the left side so the hole is centered around the header.

Here's a few pictures I took earlier today

That's it for one day, altho it could stand a bit of black primer over the gray, but that was just sprayed on when I got it to cover up the bare metal.

Won't be long now :driving:


Daddy o's 67 March 4th, 2011 12:41 PM

Re: I aquired another VW
Looks good! Now go drive th heck out of it!

metalmaster1766 March 15th, 2011 02:07 PM

Re: I aquired another VW
Took it on it's 1st drive today, and what a day it was :dancing:

How many different types of windshield wipers setup did the Bug come with? It started raining so I grabbed a set of wiper arm and went to put them on, but they don't fit. They came off a 74, so I took the ones off my 66 which are from a 70 bug, they don't fit either, so does anyone know how many different types of wiper arm mounts did they use on the bug's? the stems on the 69 are just straight shafts, the ones on the 66 (off a 70) they are tapered with nuts to hold them onto the taper, I think the ones from the 74 are tapered too and they won't fit.

So I guess tomorrow I'm a hafta take the motor and all out of the 66 and put it on the 69.

As for it's 1st on the road experience was ok even tho I had a tough time seeing with the rain, other than a rough ride it went purty good, 40 miles later I know not to go get any eggs in this ride cause they'll be scrambled by the time I get home.

I think my fillings are loose :wacko: oh wait, I have dentures now, almost forgot.

I'll hafta say it was a fun day, been almost 17 years since the last time I drove a Bug, :grin: I' ma hafta go do it again tomorrow. :thumbsup:



V8Transporter March 16th, 2011 12:21 PM

Re: I aquired another VW
I like what you did with the deck lid exhaust exit. The anti-rain/snow flapper is a nice practical touch. Enjoy your ride!

38Chevy454 March 16th, 2011 01:49 PM

Re: I aquired another VW
A set of drop spindles and raising the beam back up should make it ride much better. I bet you are essentially riding bottomed out or right near so any bump makes it hit hard.

Rain-X works pretty good as long as you are moving. I like the exhaust through the decklid.

V8SuperBeetle March 16th, 2011 01:52 PM

Re: I aquired another VW
Awesome! You have a nice collection there! Are you still building the V8 bug?

metalmaster1766 March 17th, 2011 05:22 AM

Re: I aquired another VW

Originally Posted by V8Transporter (Post 503796)
I like what you did with the deck lid exhaust exit. The anti-rain/snow flapper is a nice practical touch. Enjoy your ride!

Thank ya, and the deck lid opens all the way as well. I didn't plan on that when I cut it out, it just worked out that way.

Originally Posted by 38Chevy454 (Post 503806)
A set of drop spindles and raising the beam back up should make it ride much better. I bet you are essentially riding bottomed out or right near so any bump makes it hit hard.
Rain-X works pretty good as long as you are moving. I like the exhaust through the decklid.

As for the windshield wipers I'm gonna just take the wiper motor and all the linkage off my 66 V8 Bug and put it on this one, I'll just get another setup one day for when I get the V8 Bug finished.
It has about 2 inches of travel before it bottoms out and I'm gonna put another beam on that I have once I get it all put back together, then IF and when I get the $ I'll get some lowered spindles. I may even make a set from all the spindles I have collected over the years. I kept them so I could make some raised spindles for my Buggy but I had to give up the off road thing due to my Arthritis, and don't worry, if I do make some lowered spindles I'll make sure I have my son abuse them off road on my Buggy before I would even think about using them on the street, plus I tend to make things heavy duty.
I just don't like many of the lowered spindles being sold, there are only a few that say they are made from "forged steel" but they don't specify what kind of steel they are made from. I called about 3 years ago one of the companies who sells "forged spindles" and asked what kind of material they are made from and they couldn't tell me what it was. They could be made from cheap material and forged cheaply as well, and IF I would make my own they would be much stronger than ones I could buy.
Hell I should just forge my own and machine them myself, they would be much stronger than the places that sell "cast" spindles, and there are a bunch them out there.

Originally Posted by V8SuperBeetle (Post 503807)
Awesome! You have a nice collection there! Are you still building the V8 bug?

Yes I sure do have a collection, I'm back up to 6 cars again, 2 Caddy's, 1 is just for the engine for my 92 Eldorado, 2 VW Bugs, my Rail buggy, and my wife's Escort ZX2 which is a nice lil car getting 29 MPG in the city.
As for the V8 Bug, it's been on hold since my welder broke, but I still plan on finishing it. I was gonna build me a set of headers but money is tight, so I'm waiting on my brother to dig out the stock cast headers that came on his Mustang GT and when I get them I can finish the firewall, then I'll tear it all apart and finish welding everything and rebuild the engine and transmission.
Seems I'm way past my original finish date by 2-1/2 years, so maybe I'll get it finished by this time next year. I need to play it by ear, my body can't keep up with my mind which says go go go, but my body tires out after a few hours of work, otherwise I'd be back to working a full time job and have the money to buy everything I need. Then between all my doctors visits and surgical procedures it makes finishing anything tough, but I do what I can do.

Thank ya's all, it was a fun day while I was driving it, even had a police officer take a picture of me at an intersection while waiting for the green light. :thumbsup: I past 3 other police officers and was waiting to get stopped because of the fender and bumper laws, but as long as I don't go doing burnouts and speeding I think I'll be ok, just hafta wait and see.


Cat Box March 17th, 2011 06:43 AM

Re: I aquired another VW
Bells palsy is the pits. I had it and it took 5-6 weeks to go away.

I like what you have done to your car, keep it up.

metalmaster1766 March 18th, 2011 05:09 PM

Re: I aquired another VW

Originally Posted by Cat Box (Post 503848)
Bells palsy is the pits. I had it and it took 5-6 weeks to go away.

I like what you have done to your car, keep it up.

Thank ya for the car comments :thumbsup:

As for Bells Palsy, yeah it wasn't all that fun for the first few days (when drinking most of it dribbled out the right side of my mouth) but I went to the hospital within 12 hours from when I first noticed it, mainly because of all my other health issues, but it only took about 12 day to clear up.

I always get even the smallest thing checked out because you never know what's gonna happen. I would have hated to find out that if I hadn't gone to ER and that I had a mini stroke that could have lead to a bigger stroke, I may not be here now.
I'm purty sure I mentioned most of my health issues on here, but considering what all I have been thru over the past 30 years, the last 10 being the worst of it all, I'm kinda lucky that I don't look sick. Hell everybody that hears about it and seeing me everyone says that wouldn't even know I had had everything that I have had in the past 10 years, but as some say "don't judge a book by it's cover" I always hear people talking when I park in a handicap spot on my bad days stuff like "he doesn't look handicapped" or "using his mothers or fathers handicapped parking permit" most times I don't ever say anything unless they say it right to my face, which has happened a few times, then I just tell them that "I'll trade ya bodies for a week" and I wish I could because I'd spend 1 week doing all the things it usually takes me a month to do so when they get their body back it's gonna hurt like hell.

I'm just happy that I'm still alive and can do what I can because I sure could be in much worse condition. I thank the Lord each night when I go to bed, as well as every morning when I wake up . I just keep on keep'n on, and I hope to do it for another 55 years if not more, it also helps having a grandmother that will be 98 this June and she could run circles around me up until 6 years ago, and she broke her hip on December 27th 2010, and to see her walk you would never even know it. Hell she may be able to run circles around me by the time her birthday gets here. :Idunno:

:dancing: <--me moving onward!

metalmaster1766 April 4th, 2011 03:58 PM

Re: I aquired another VW
So today I went out to the shop and started messing with all the stuff I'm gonna use to put disc brakes on the rear of my Bug. I got all the brake parts from my son who has a 92 Honda Accord which has 4 wheel disc brakes on it and he bought a parts car about a year ago.

Since it has an emergency/parking brake I decided to use everything off the rear so I don't hafta spend any money which I have none of.

So I chucked the rear VW drum in the lathe and cut it down until it fit inside the brake rotors, next I will cut some squares out of some 1/4 inch thick plate bore a hole in it to fit over the bearing where the original backing plates go, then I will need to measure and drill holes where the caliper bracket is going to hold the caliper. I'll need to buy a new set of brake pads before I can finish the caliper brackets.

A few pictures of the modified drum

Well I thought I had 1 more of the caliper resting on the rotor, but it looks like it will be in the exact place the backing plates were, I'll pick up a set of brake pads this weekend and make the brackets, then hook it all up. :thumbsup:


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