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metalmaster1766 March 11th, 2016 12:50 PM

Machine Shop updates
Figure I'd make a place to update what I hope to be doing for the next few months, then again as slow as I am it could be the rest of my life, I've put it off for far to long only doing what I need when I need it
So I almost have the mill done, I just need to finish the dividing head I started many years ago, then I can finish the graduations on the dial, I know I know I can probably buy one for a few $$, but I far more time than money, plus I like making everything anyway, that's how I got a lot of my tooling as it is

Here's the nut to lock the dial down with, it's aluminum because I had a piece that was dang near the right size, just had to take a few small cuts to get it to size, I'd a had to do to much work to make them out of steel, I made 2 of them for when I get around to doing the other end of the table, the knurl didn't quite turn out like it should have, been at least 20 years since I've done it last

I can't hand grind HSS tools anymore, seems my hands are a bit to shaky these days, so I used an old broken tap, I just had to put a bit of clearance on it, as you can see I had to run the spindle in reverse, but hey whatever works

After I finished the mill I decided to get my "old" grinder going, had it since 2009, figured I may as well so I can sharpen all my cutters on it once I make a few fixtures
Here's the grinder, it's an old Oakley universal tool & cutter grinder that will also make a nice surface grinder, it was built here in Cinci along with my Leblonde lathe, I need to make a guard for the wheel, looks kinda dangerous, but I've never had a wheel explode on me yet, I've heard it happen, heard a story of a guy that lost part of his lower jaw when the 18" wheel on an OD grinder exploded, you definitely don't wanna be in the line of fire if & when it happens
Only thing I need to change is where the motor mounts, I don't like it on top like that, but back when they converted all the line shaft with electric that was the easiest place to put them

Now I need to finish the dividing head I started many years ago so I can put the graduations on the dial for the mill, I found most of the parts a few weeks ago when straightening up things, that will be my next project unless something else comes up, that always seems to happen

Tuesday I see my doc, this morning I had to visit the Vampire's Office, I hope they didn't take bad blood, maybe I'll find out why my legs keep swelling up, been told it could be neuropathy, my skin feels like it's gonna split open, my past lab work has been normal, as well as all the other tests I've gone thru since January

More to come in the next few weeks, months :grin::thumbsup:


Unkl Ian March 11th, 2016 04:16 PM

Re: Machine Shop updates
Nice grinder, best wishes.

metalmaster1766 March 19th, 2016 07:58 AM

Re: Machine Shop updates
Thank ya :grin:

Yesterday I was cleaning out from under one of my workbenches up against the wall, I had tires & wheels from all the S-10 Blazers I had under there, after pulling the 8 wheels & tires out along with various other crap, most of went into the scrap barrel & trash can, I found something I forgot I had, an old Keller power hacksaw, it still works, I stashed it away when I got my 8" Kalamazoo horizontal band saw, the band saw needs a blade so I haven't been using it, been using my sawzall & hacksaw to cut everything, it needs a finer tooth blade, but as long as you don't let the999999 full weight of the saw down on whatever you cutting it does purty good, I should buy a different blade, at one time I used a regular hack saw blade, but just like the coarse blade you had to hold it up a bit otherwise it would pop the blade off

Not bad for free :grin::thumbsup:
It'll work until I can afford to buy a new blade for my Kalamazoo bandsaw


V8Transporter March 19th, 2016 08:28 AM

Re: Machine Shop updates
When I dig through my crap, I find an old pair of Vice Grips, or maybe a bike carburetor. :hmm: You find a whole bandsaw! :blink: If you happen to stumble onto an early fifties Buick, I have a friend who might be interested. :wink::grin:

metalmaster1766 March 20th, 2016 08:33 AM

Re: Machine Shop updates

Originally Posted by V8Transporter (Post 584085)
When I dig through my crap, I find an old pair of Vice Grips, or maybe a bike carburetor. :hmm: You find a whole bandsaw! :blink: If you happen to stumble onto an early fifties Buick, I have a friend who might be interested. :wink::grin:

I wish I could find an early 50's car of any kind in my garage/workshop, altho I did uncover a 1992 Eldorado, at one point you couldn't see it because of all the crap I had sitting around & on top of it

It's a sad story, my dad bought it in 94 after a 2 year lease, it had 22,000 miles on it & they put a "new" engine in it because my dad thought it didn't sound right, after he passed in 2003 I got it & drove it until 2010 when I let my son drive it to & from school, the radiator had a crack in the tank where the top radiator hose attached (dadgum plastic radiator tanks suck), I drove it for almost 2 years like that, he didn't take the time to top it off one day after school, it over heated, him & his girlfriend called my oldest son to come help them, he sat in it & made the 2 of them push it home, it was so hot an hour after it stopped running I could feel the heat from 10 feet away, next day I started it up & water was gushing out of he exhaust, I bought a Sedan Devill for $200, drove it home, ran good, made my son pull both engines out, now the good engine is sitting in front of the car waiting to be put back in, the only thing that stopped it was the ram on my lift crane broke, we were broke, then it became a convenient place to set boxes of crap
I'm just hoping all the nuts-n-bolts are still in the marked containers under or in the car someplace

Here's a pic of my garage when it was at it's worst about 2 to 3 years ago when I was spending all my time on the Volksrod

Here's the Eldorado in 2007

I have since gotten rid of I don't don't know how much trash, at least 2 tons of S-10 truck & blazer parts, I still have a ton of VW parts I don't need, think I have about 10 steering boxes (anybody need a couple?), at least 16 brake drums, a few rusted out front beams, 6 or 7 sets of front & rear trailing arms, I think I counted 6 or 7 VW jacks, & my trailer is almost fully loaded (I try not to put more than 400 lbs in it at a time)
I ask myself every day why I kept it all, but, it's going, it doesn't help getting put on light duty work a couple times a year, but I'll use any excuse I can now :Idunno:


V8Transporter March 20th, 2016 09:09 AM

Re: Machine Shop updates
How about a 12 volt VW bus windshield wiper motor? :grin:

metalmaster1766 March 24th, 2016 08:19 PM

Re: Machine Shop updates

Originally Posted by V8Transporter (Post 584097)
How about a 12 volt VW bus windshield wiper motor? :grin:

Nope no Bus parts, but I do have a 12 volt Bug wiper motor, can you make it fit"

I have a bunch of other 12 volt wiper motors from S-10 Blazers, a 74 Cutlass & possibly something else, I'm sure if the Bug motor went out, I could modify one of the others to work, just need to use your imagination :Idunno:


metalmaster1766 March 24th, 2016 08:43 PM

Re: Machine Shop updates
So a few days ago I needed a #2 morse taper with a drill chuck for my little 12" Clausing lathe, all my other drill chucks are way to big, I have more time than money, so I made one, plus I have a few drill chucks laying around from old drills, I always take them off when the drills stop working, most of the little chucks have a 3/8"-24 thread, the larger ones have a 1/2"-20 thread, I just used a small chuck
First I took a #2 morse taper & set it up between centers & indicated the compound so it was at the correct angle, then I put a piece of 1" diameter part in there & began roughing it out

Chased the 3/8" thread, then finished the taper, here I'm polishing the taper

Here I marked it up with a sharpie to check the fit, it seems to fit purty good at both ends

Screwed the chuck on & it's finished, next is to make one for a larger chuck


metalmaster1766 November 2nd, 2017 08:48 PM

Re: Machine Shop updates
It took me a while to find this thread, thought I would add something to it, I'll hafta go back and add pictures to replace the ones from photobuckets, it will take time, but I'll get to it

So this morning while I was plating those camber adjusters I started making a handle for my Bridgeport milling machines quill, you know the handle you use to raise and lower it when drilling holes, when I got this milling machine head the quill was seized up and wouldn't move because it sat outside in 2 inches of water for about 2 years, I grabbed a couple pieces of steel and whipped one up in order to beat on until it started moving, I don't have a pic but I'll get one

I started with a big chunk of steel because it was all I had, I needed a piece of steel 2-1/4" in diameter by 1" long with a 1" hole thru it, I started with a piece that was 4-1/8" by 1-1/5" long, it had a small hole drilled thru it

It goes onto this here part of the milling machine

Here it is on, tomorrow morning I'll drill 2 holes for 1/4" dowel pins to fit into those small holes, there's so many of them so you can index the handle in different places, then I'll drill 3 holes around the outside of it and tap them so I can screw the handles in

Them I'm gonna hafta build a ball turning fixture so I can make balls to screw onto the ends of the handles
All sorts of fun things for me to stay busy with


metalmaster1766 November 3rd, 2017 08:30 PM

Re: Machine Shop updates
Here's what I started with, the short piece I made to smack with a hammer to free up the quill, once I got it moving and mounted on the machine base I welded the longer piece on, it weighed a lot and if I'd forget to take it off it would eventually wiggle it's way off right onto my foot, I've been meaning to make one for a whole now, it works great

I ended up taking a handle off one of my other drill presses until I make one a bit longer and get the ball turning fixture finished

I made the handle at a 15 degree angle to leave lots of clearance for my hands

I also plated it so it wouldn't rust, here is a before pic and an after pic

That's that, I still need to finish the dial for the other side of the table and put the graduations on, that means I need to finish the dividing head, I still need to cast a few parts for that, it's gonna hafta wait a while so I can get that side of my garage cleaned up, until then :hello::hello:


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