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Fl@pper July 30th, 2007 12:49 PM

Fl@pper's Volksrodded 27T roadster
Hi all - Fl@pper from the UK part time worker madman and BIG hammer wielder

love the bugs i see on these pages the last few weeks so finally decided to register as i have a wierd idea but more to come later

:chillin:I'm a big eared Pikey hot rodding Iron Maiden Fan who usually haunts but have my own project on the go that the show n shine tintops just dont get

apologies to purists in advance on both bug and hotrod but hey a hotrod is individual in my eyes so i always do things the hard and wrong way :smilespin:

enough of the intro - i have a 1927 model T Ford roadster body (replica) mounting on a Reliant Scimitar (chopped) chassis with Ford rear end and an adapted beetle front end with a Rover V8 with twin superchargers going in on an auto box :chillin:

all self drawn and built so far (long time) due to time an money but hey we learn more that way huh ?

the front uprights are now gone (almost) :plasmacutter: and that chassis tube has a lower tube from a beetle frame inside it now :welder:

makes a change from volksrods with ford fronts - told you i do things differently :stoned:

will be adding mounts and plates for the upper soon with castor sat back as i'm widening the front by 5" and running the arms facing forwards

this place so far has enlightened my Vdub repsect loads - thank you and look forward to posting crazy plans ideas for ridicule in the future :hello:

heres my original idea but that was too easy as will be explained in full over time :wink: sorry about the dog he loves grease and grinder sparks - nutter

Fl@pper July 31st, 2007 11:59 AM

Re: Fl@pper's Volksrodded 27T roadster
well its now upside down and the grinder is out

see after pic can you tell where the beetle beam is going ?:)

towers are coming off next :sawzall::plasmacutter::sawzall:

Fl@pper August 4th, 2007 06:25 AM

Re: Fl@pper's Volksrodded 27T roadster
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well the towers are off now so i can start measuring the plates for laser cutting properly

there was me worried this chassis was going to be a tad heavy until i tried to move it - light as a feather :)

Fl@pper September 11th, 2007 11:38 AM

Re: Fl@pper's Volksrodded 27T roadster
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not done an update for a while - oops

chassis has been cleaned up a bit more and engine block then full unit installed to line it all up

sorting front suspension ideas so have done a mock up on my favourite so far and by hell it almost looks like a car :dancing:

Fl@pper September 15th, 2007 05:48 AM

Re: Fl@pper's Volksrodded 27T roadster
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looks like i ended up full circle back at my original idea that i dont think has been done before ??

old frame has been plasma'd and started to smooth it out a bit so decided to check it for fitting and see what room i have for the adjusters - works out that the bottom is standard width and the top is equivalent to a 10" narrowing albeit left in 2 pieces

each spring set has been cut 5" shortand tempered softer and are within 1.5lb of pull of the original full size set held in the standard beam so looking good so far and not as stiff as i first feared

wooden plates are currently being laser cut as a favour and end brackets are to be ground off smooth and replaced with a bolt one made of 2 conrods :) as its going to welded to the plates and gusseted

should make a 3 part front beam assy that slides in the bottom and 2 sections that drop from the top and are bolted on

mrs reckons it might be done for my 40th Bday - im 35 :) lol

heres a couple of pics

Fl@pper January 20th, 2008 06:37 AM

Re: Fl@pper's Volksrodded 27T roadster
quick update - been away a while with major illness but back home now and building strength to work on it a bit now

will be getting stuck in as soon as doc says im clear

look out soon for some catch up

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