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purplemyth November 10th, 2006 09:34 AM

how to post pics
(figured this might be a good thing for anyone. If it's bad, the higher ups can delete~ )

I've seen quite a few (new and old) members ask~ HOW DO I POST A PIC?
so here ya go
to attach a pic, method 1~
you have to in the 'post reply' area, this will not work in the 'quick reply' area.

write your post, then scroll down and you will see, manage attachments,

you can scroll down and close box if you wish, or add more attachments.

if you click just the preview button, your pic will NOT show, just hit submit, your pic is there in cyberspace,,, trust the web :bow:

just beware though, your attachment file is only so big, eventually you will run out of space. Check into an online acct, photobucket, imageshack, many others too, and then you can post direct from them~
that's another post though,
hope this helps newbs to the web, and newbs to the computer~ :hello:
and one more thing, might be nice if you keep your pics on the smaller size, not everybody has the giant screens or super speed. :grin: I'm not the only one~:hmm:

purplemyth November 10th, 2006 09:46 AM

Re: how to's for the forums
to add a pic from your online album, you need the [img] link option open in your album, your album will have directions in your personal options part I assume~

highlight it, copy , paste here in the post.
an example from photobucket.

purplemyth November 10th, 2006 10:00 AM

Re: how to's for the forums
this is something I learned from one of the mods who was nice enough to tell me~ maybe you know, but I didn't~

to grab a pic from else where on the web,
put your mouse over the pic,
rt click, at the bottom is properties, click that

highlight the address and copy it

click the little yellow box above, paste link in there, ok, now your pic should show up.

Sometimes you'll see lil red x's on pic brought over on these pics, means the web is in confusion or something like that site is being worked on. As long as the address doesn't change, the pic will be there.
There are also sites that do not allow using their pics and they will be blocked, sorry.
But the pic can still be seen, we just c/p your link to a browser window and we can see it then. Some sites just don't like to share .

Another lil tip, when posting your pics, please press [enter] between your links, other wise your pics and text will run off most peoples monitors.

[img] link [img] (enter)
you can even text between them
pic (enter)
pic (enter)

only pics you can't type between are attachments, they show up on the bottom of your post in a group.
hope this helps~

purplemyth April 11th, 2009 05:33 PM

Re: how to post pics
There is something new in some online accts, photobucket is what I use and they have added this feature recently~
In your list of links under your picture, you will see "IMG Thumb". When this is pasted in a post, a small thumbnail will be shown, then folks can click on it to see a bigger picture. This is helpful to the many on slow connections or if you have many pics in a post.

Here is an example (this is a broken link to show what the link will look like when you paste it) no need to click the 'add pic' icon either.

[url= IMG][/IMG[/URL

this is the actual view~
click the pic for a larger view showing the link in the photobucket list.
This will also take folks to your photobucket album. Not sure if it does this in other hosts~

(I have only these links showing in my acct, but there are other links available, for email and IM, and websites and blogs. These are just my personal preferences )

I don't have accts in other hosts but I think you get the idea ~

Any problems just ask thru a pm :hello:

purplemyth August 19th, 2009 09:15 AM

Re: how to post pics
just learned something in Photobucket~

If you like using the thumbnails, but would like the pic only to open for users, not your whole acct, then go into options and uncheck the link back to album line. I have noticed some do this, some do not, now I know.

I guess I missed the memo on that~ :stupid:

purplemyth December 2nd, 2010 04:39 AM

Re: how to post pics
Photobucket has changed.
The codes are still the same but the above pics are now somewhat out dated, but you can still get the idea of how to transfer pics here~

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