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d3ghia January 1st, 2016 12:53 PM

2016 New Year Hopes
I have read through previous year's "hopes and dreams" threads. :huh:

It seems that life seems to change many of our plans (I can definitely say mine :funny:)

I have to laugh that many of the things that I have wanted to accomplish keep going unaccomplished. So I wonder if those are actually things that I want to keep aspiring to complete.

I think that they are - and all I am going to try to do this year is to not be derailed from my plans. This is the year to make several things happen that need to in order to make my next ten to fifteen years go like I want them to.

So, having said that, here is what I would like to work on this year.

1. Be a better me. Work on my health, organization and time management.

2. Quit "not starting" things because I know that they are hard. Just take a step, do one thing toward each goal - then maybe because I will be closer to finishing, take another...

I hope that each of you has a wonderful 2016 - and maybe some of us will actually get together this year!

purplemyth January 1st, 2016 02:12 PM

Re: 2016 New Year Hopes
Happy new year. I can walk around my yard and see those past 'hopes and dreams', still unfinished too.
I just hope to improve myself. So, ditto what you said. :thumbsup:

JiI January 1st, 2016 06:45 PM

Re: 2016 New Year Hopes
I hope my wife feels better.:unsure:

V8Transporter January 2nd, 2016 11:02 AM

Re: 2016 New Year Hopes
^ x 2. I know what you mean. Sherrie goes in for a heart valve repair on 5 Feb. I'm looking to 2016 as the year her heart is repaired and we live happily ever after. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

JiI January 2nd, 2016 11:16 AM

Re: 2016 New Year Hopes
Mojo for you two buddy!:thumbsup:

V8Transporter January 3rd, 2016 10:18 AM

Re: 2016 New Year Hopes
And this year, I vow to keep plugging along with my two vehicular projects. :hmm: Body work, clutch and paint for the SC. :grin: And, drum roll please, get the Wankel Suzuki on the road. :ohmy::thumbsup::clapping:
Hmm, Sherrie is peeking over my shoulder as I type this...and is snickering....sigh.

Rattakus January 4th, 2016 10:48 PM

Re: 2016 New Year Hopes
I hope to get a working engine for my bug.

metalmaster1766 January 5th, 2016 12:41 AM

Re: 2016 New Year Hopes
My main plans for 2016 is to stay as healthy as I possibly can, I know it's a long shot, but I have so much to do & so little time to do it in
I still hope to get my workshop cleaned out so I can find every & all my projects & finish as many as possible, I would like to get to the point where I can supplement my income legally, but that would require finding all my tools as wellaQ

Tomorrow morning I'm gonna start calling my eye doctor about getting the cataracts removed from my right eye, they aren't the normal cataracts, it's what they call a diabetic cataract, they grow under the lens rather than over the lens, I forget the technical term, but it's really starting to make it tough with depth perception, I'm not really scared of most things, after all I've been thru a lot, but this is really worrying me, I'd really hate for something to go wrong, like an earth quake tremor in the middle of surgery, if I'm not completely knocked the hell out, it would prolly make me shit myself right there on the table, the 2 surgeries I have had in both eyes to restore my vision I was totally awake for, I was able to talk to the doc while he was doing what he was doing, it's what's called a vitrectomy, they suck the blood filled fluid out of your eye & replace it with a man made fluid, you have a purty big air bubble in your eye until it fills up on it's own with the right bodily fluids, it takes about 6 weeks, if you look up you can see the air bubble & it's kinda creepy, but it worked both times, it just scares the hell out of me that they stick 3 tools into your eye to do this surgery, I also wish my wife a GREAT year with nothing but good news all year long, she's had a rough year, I also wish both my sons nothing but the best, they have both overcome a terrible time in their lives, it'd been tough, but I hope it's all down hill from now on, it was easy for my youngest, our oldest had a couple relapses, but he has been clean now for a few months

And lastly, I wish everyone here at & their families nothing but the best, good news to all for the rest of everyone's lives, it only takes the blink of the eye for something bad to happen, I wish everyone Great news for each & everyday of their lives

If I were to win the lottery, I'll help those in bad situations, I have been lucky enough to have received help at times when I thought I was gonna lose everything I worked so hard to get, never did I ever take more than I needed, which reminds me, I still owe this place & a few here for helping me when I was at the end of my rope hanging 1000 feet above the ground, ya'll helped me to a soft landing & I'd still like to full fill my end of that deal

About the only thing I can offer is machine shop work to those who don't have 2 pennies to rub together, if you have 2 nickles, it could take longer unless you can come help, the only thing I can't offer is free material as I have a tough time getting my own material

Those are my New Years Hopes & Dreams


mikec4193 January 7th, 2016 10:36 AM

Re: 2016 New Year Hopes

Finish my 1953 Chevy truck...or at least get it to run out of the garage...get the Dodge Neon race ready and run a couple races before fall of 2016 rolls around...

Most important thing tho is learn how to sleep all night with out needing drugs to do it...


V8Transporter January 7th, 2016 11:37 AM

Re: 2016 New Year Hopes
"Most important thing tho is learn how to sleep all night with out needing drugs to do it..."

I had that problem and tried a few things which seem to work pretty well. :grin: For at least an hour before bed, no computer, phone or TV. Or as I figured out later, MIG or stick welding...sigh There's something about your eyes taking in a type of light which stimulates the part of your brain that makes you stay awake. :hmm:Then, we eat earlier than we used to. Because we have a small business, sometime we didn't eat until eight. I think you need to allow three hours after you eat before you hit the sack. Avoid sugary desserts. There went the ice cream. :wacko:

Alcohol and caffeine don't help...:huh: There went my sometimes in the evening Rum and Coke...A Pepsi and brandy actually, sigh.
Reading, especially car or motorcycle magazines, :grin: before bed seems to help me sleep.
When I break these rules, I have trouble getting sleep, wake up about three, and stay awake for a couple of hours.

Before trying the above (which works for me) the VA prescribed Lorazepam. The drug left me hung over the next day, and I started getting headaches. .

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