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max16v March 27th, 2007 10:11 PM

Das Straßenzerstörer
I suppose i'll start off with an introduction about myself... My name is Sheridan and I reside in Palm Desert, California which sits about 125 miles East of L.A.

I've been a huge fan of Volkswagens since childhood and was blessed to get ahold of a '69 Bug for a High School graduation gift from my parents. I was facinated by the Cal-Look scene in So. California but started to drift away due to the lack of diversity with the style (lowered, single piece windows, stinger, shaved signals). It seemed that every car looked the same. I cant recall how I found this site but became immersed in the world of Volksrods. I suppose it was a luck that brought me here.

I perused the forums on a daily basis and decided it was time to build one of my own. I guess i'll start out by posting pre/post build-up pictures to get started. I've been keeping a pretty detailed account of all modifications via Myspace blog
Ok, now to the buisness...

I'll follow this first post up with more detailed pictures / commentary on Project: Volksrod. Alrighty. peace.out.

max16v April 16th, 2007 08:45 PM

Das Straßenzerstörer
I finally got the motivation to start a Volksrod project of my own due to a car accident that happend several days prior. Luckily, no real damage was done besides the front 1/4 panel was pushed in and my left front fender completely ripped off. I got my car to work the morning of and realized how much different, and cooler it looked fenderless.

I was trying to decide if I should hold off on the Volksrod idea since my bug was my daily driver... I lucked out by getting a company vehicle to get me to work and back while I "fix" the bug.

I started by pulling the remaining fender off and mounting the taillights, which I picked up at a local truck stop. I also pulled out the fan shroud to do a little rewiring.

Next, I started cutting off the front and rear aprons... an uber, time consuming task due to the fact that all I had was a small angle pneumatic cutter and a really small compressor. After the compressor was out of air, I started pulling out my current 8" narrowed beam, and get the stock beam (i luckily still had laying around) cleaned while the compressor would finish filling with air.

max16v April 19th, 2007 10:24 AM

Re: Der Straßenkratzer
The next 2 weeks I got really focused and finished up a lot of things on my list to do.It took about a week to get the aprons cut off and painted flat black to match the rest of the car.

I really like the older style bugs with the "W" decklid, so I picked up a fiberglass replica from Glass Action.

Before I started on this project, I had an ongoing problem with the brake system. The brake system would always start to loose pressure due to leaking fluid... the only problem was I had no idea where the fluid was coming from. :Idunno: I found out that the problem was bigger than I had expected when I lifted the front of the car and a huge amount of fluid had poured out of an opening in the rear of the pan. Fluid had been accumulating inside the tunnel for sometime. I had replaced all the drum brakes and converted to 4 wheel disks and replaced all the hardlines from the rear "t" to the wheels and the steel lines in the front were still in good condition; no leakes. I decided to replace all the rest of my brake system... all of it.
I bought a new master cylinder, brake light switch, reservoir, and the line that ran from the m/c to the rear (huge pain in the ass!)
I also rewired the brake switch with new wiring and relocated the reservoir to under the gas tank.

After the break system was fixed, I needed to get down to business and mount the headlights, and get the steering system together and ready for when my beam extender arrived (:dancing: ). I got rid of all my tie rods when I put in my narrowed beam, so I had to start fresh with new tie rods. I had new tie rod ends with my shorter tie rods so i just transferred to the new set up. I got my hands on some nifty heavy-duty chrome tie rods.

At this point, I knew I was close to getting Project: Volksrod on all four wheels and on the road. :dancing:

max16v April 19th, 2007 10:43 AM

Re: Der Straßenkratzer
Now, back to the Beam...

My stock beam had been sitting outside for months, and if anyone has lived in the desert, sand is a bitch. Sand will get anywhere and everywhere... literally. So, to get my beam back to working condition, I pulled it apart, cleaned and sanded it down. At this point, I had been thinking of ideas on how to mount the headlights, so I welded on square steel tubing that I cut off from an old office chair sitting around the office (im pretty sure they were throwing it away so I took it home). Headlight mounts done. Next came the beam adjusters. That was a chore since my compressor is too small for the angle cutter which used up all the air in about 1 min, so I had to find other things to do until the compressor filled. During that time, I started installing the stereo system! (I've owned the car for years and its never had a stereo.. no deck, speakers... nothing :wacko: . The stereo was a top priority as that point)
After the adjusters were installed, I gave the beam 3 coats of Rustoleum Industrial Grade Gloss Black paint.

max16v May 12th, 2007 11:02 AM

Re: Der Straßenkratzer
Its been a while since my previous post due to my stupid computer shutting down in the middle of a huge post/update on the progress of my car :panic: . I had to gather the courage to try it again and pray that it doesnt happen again...

Now, down to business.

After I got the beam completed, I had time to kill before my beam extender arrived so I decided to re-wire the trunk/dash area. The previous owner of the car attempted to do some rewiring of his own but probably lacked either the knowledge or the time since all the wiring was back-asswards. In addition to needing some major re-wiring, I wanted to do a little modification: shaving all stock knobs and switches off the dash and installing toggle switches to the ash tray area. I ended up drawing out my own wiring diagram (with the help of my trusty Haynes manual). After I finished my wiring, I was ecstatic to hear my beam extender arrived! :dancing: That meant I was 1 step closer to Project: Volksrod being road ready.

I immediately began by giving it a coat of gloss black paint and mounting it to the frame head. After that was done, all was downhill from there.
Pic with beam extender and beam installed
Beam extender, new wiring, and yes... an aooga horn. hehehe

max16v May 12th, 2007 11:16 AM

Re: Der Straßenkratzer
After all front suspension was installed, I realized I had a small problem, the front suspension was a tad too low (yes, even for me)
Thats about an inch of clearance, with out driver or passenger! I decided, hell I wanna give it a quck trip around the block anyway! I scraped the shit out of my drive way (inclined driveway) and street. I made a hasty u turn to get home and give it a little bit of suspension height.

About an hour and a half later, I swapped the dropped spindles for the stock height spindles, which luckily I still had. I also took out the quck steering kit. I had adjusted the tie rods but the steering kit caused too much toe in and made a horrible shake when I hit a pot hole (If anyone has been to Indio, you probably know that it doesn't have the best of roads).

After a couple hours of test driving and tie rod, ball joint eccentric adjusting, the alignment was in the ballpark.

Now it was time to cruise! :driving: :chillin:
:sawzall: :welder: :driving:

max16v May 12th, 2007 11:31 AM

Re: Der Straßenkratzer
got some new ideas floating around...

got some wheels of ebay: Jeep Willys wheels

also, I had a set of tires mounted this morning!

Front: 650-16 Tornel Highway Tires
Rear: 700-16 Tornel Highway Tires

Thanks to Universal Vintage Tire and for the sweet tires and the sweet discount!

I ordered a set of custom wheel adapters from Skulte yesterday. I have to fit a set of Jeep 16x5 5x5.5" wheels to a standard VW 4 lug. Cant wait till I get them in the mail!:dancing:

I'll post pics of the wheels and tires soon!

max16v May 28th, 2007 08:49 PM

Re: Der Straßenkratzer
wheel adapters arrive 1st of june. hoorah!

decided to swap trailing arms to get rid of that nasty camber. should be finished up by the time the wheel adapters come in. did a little spring plate adjustment. in between working on my brother's porsche 914.
i'd post some pics but i have no digital camera... i am open to donations...

max16v June 15th, 2007 06:30 PM

pics pics pics
finally, pics of the car/tires/wheels
quick recap of new mods:
new wheels: Jeep Willys M-151, Tires: Front-650/16 Rear-700/16 Tornel Highway Tires, Wheel Adapters from Skulte Performance Designs, re-adjusted spring plates, installed drop spindles. Im uber excited about a friend helping me chop the top!

:dancing: :driving:

max16v August 10th, 2007 10:19 AM

New Motor!
Had a friend drop by last night to drop off a new motor for my rod.... Mazda 13B Rotary!!1

I started disassembling the external parts (carb, intake manifold...) to replace some leaky oil seals. Much to my surprise, it already has been street ported and has rotors from a mazda pickup, which help lower end torque. I'll probably stick with the stock carb and run the motor after replacing the seals and gaskets. Then afterward, throw a draw-through turbo setup with a 40mm Dellorto DHLA carb I have sitting in my garage. Im not to sure about carb jetting since rotaries have an oil injection system that might clog up the carb?:Idunno: . I might just take off the oil injection system and run a premix fuel/2stroke oil setup....

Anyway, just super jazzed about the new motor! All i need now is an adapter plate for the tranny and to fab up some motor mounts for the rear of the engine! :dancing:

max16v September 12th, 2007 12:38 PM

Re: Der Straßenkratzer
FINALLY got some pics of the new motor.
it needs some cleaning, paint, and some new oil seals. nothing big.

I suppose these will be the "before" pics. The side housings (not rotor housings) will be painted bright ghoulish green that will match the new color that i will be painting my wheels!
Its hard to see with the bad lighting in the picture but the motor has been fully street ported. :dancing: I will still be using the stock carb to get the motor on the street and upgrade it later.

Anyone need a Racing Beat racing header for a 13b? PM me.

max16v October 17th, 2007 11:02 AM

Re: Der Straßenkratzer
Not much of a post today. I got uber lucky at the Pomona Swap Meet on Sunday. Picked up a 13b Mazda Rotary engine/transmission adapter for my VR. Gives me extra motivation to get my ass in gear to work on rebuilding the motor. Looking to buy some whitewalls for the fronts since the current tires are way too tall and it throws off the "look" I want. If anyone wants some cheap bias ply tires (practically brand new) let me know. 700-16".
The weather sucks right now. The Weather Channel posted wind speeds up to 50mph.... with lots and lots of sand, which is keeping me from working on my car.

Oh yeah, I spotted a fellow VRodder @ the Pomona Swap. Not sure who it was but he was wearing his Cut - Weld - Drive shirt.

max16v November 23rd, 2007 02:46 PM

Re: Der Straßenkratzer
Finally got some decent progress done on the 13b Rotary Motor. I had some help from a couple friends and got the engine mounted on the engine stand/rotory adapter.

Got to work draining all the the fluids and dismantling the engine. I got down to the last (front) sandwhich plate and found out that the front rotor housing is pretty shot. The housing plating is chipped and scratched and also the front rotor bearing is scratched to shit. I bought the engine knowing that it needed a rebuild but not to this extent. One of the oil control rings had a melted gasket which is the reason to rebuild it.

I contacted a local H.P. shop, that specializes in rotaries, to help with the rotor bearing and possibly replace the rotor housing. Keeping my fingers crossed that it wont cost an arm and a leg...

Got the new whitewalls installed on the front wheels. Rear whitewalls will be coming after modifying the body. I'll post some pics of motor and wheels when my roommate lets me borrow the camera....

max16v December 23rd, 2007 05:11 PM

Re: Der Straßenkratzer
'Tis been a while since I've updated, but in all honesty, I haven't really accomplished shit... until tonight.

It has been a continuing problem with the fiberglass seats that I've been using for months, since they've started cracking and aren't as comfortable as I would like.
So, I tore out the stock back seat and decided it is time for a bench!

Starting on the bottom, which will take the most work, I stripped it down to the bare frame/ springs. To get the 50" bench to fit in a 42" width area, a little customization will be done.
I welded some flat steel support brackets that run parallel to the stock metal piece that is located in the center of the seat. I will be cutting a section of the seat to fit around the tunnel / e-brake handle while keeping the top rear frame together to give it support. I will be cutting about 4.5" section from the center of each "half" and weld the pieces back together. I will be modifying and re-using the seat mounts I fabbed up for the fiberglass buckets, to work with the bench. I'll wrap the finished seats in the mexican blanket (cliche, I know, shup up) I have resting over the fiberglass seats I have in the car now. Pics will come when if I get a digital camera for x-mas.... haha.

max16v December 24th, 2007 01:28 PM

Re: Der Straßenkratzer
Well, I just about finished the bottom portion of the bench seat... until I ran out of wire! The seat has 3" sections cut out of each side of the bench to narrow it down to an overall width of 43". Fits like a glove. :dancing:

Lets just hope someone got me some MIG wire for x-mas.....

max16v December 29th, 2007 06:03 PM

Re: Der Straßenkratzer
Today, got to work narrowing down the top part of the bench seat. I went to Lowes and picked up a couple spools of more MIG wire so I KNOW i wont be running out soon.

I cut out a 5" section of the back portion of the seat and welded it back up. I am eager to finish up the seat since sitting on fiberglass buckets is literally a pain in the ass and long drives aren't fun. I gave a test fit of both top and bottom portions of the seat and looks pretty tight. After I have both seats finished, I'll be wrapping them in a single layer of fiber cloth to make the springs less irritating to sit on, then finished up with a mex blanket.

With help from a couple v-rodders, I've devised a plan to relocate the e-brake handle in front of the shifter and have it still usable. The e-brake cables will attatched into a "Y" shape and a single cable ran up to the lever instead of both e-brake cables.
Now I just have to find a cool looking lever/base to work with.

Oh yeah, thinking about converting to RHD...

max16v January 18th, 2008 08:27 PM

Re: Der Straßenkratzer
Just arrived home, from a meet up with Jeremy aka reflectorcollector, and scored at set of RHD pedals!

Many thanks to him for going out of his way, to meet up with me, on his way to Palm Springs. :thumbsup:

Here's a recent pic of my car, with the new front tires, that a friend took...

max16v January 29th, 2008 09:52 AM

Re: Der Straßenkratzer
Spent some time tinkering with the v-rod.

I have a couple modifications that I will be doing hopefully sometime shortly. A small list.

-RHD conversion
-Bench Seat
-Swing Axle conversion

I had already narrowed the bench seat ready to install but I cant due to the damn e-brake in the way. So, I devised a way to have a full bench seat and still have use of the e-brake... relocate the e-brake.

I made a quick ms paint representation of how the e-brake relocation is going in.

I visited the local ACE and picked out a few supplies to make this little project happen.
I started out by chopping the e-brake assembly out of it's original location and trimmed up the e-brake mounts to basically a "U" shape and welded it in place on the tunnel, slightly offset on the passenger side.
I welded on a metal spacer approximately 3/4" tall, 1/2 thick with a 3/8" hole, onto a solid metal rod. Next, I welded a piece of 1x3", 1/8" thick steel on the bottom of the e-brake, that the e-brake "actuating rod" will bolt to.

That was the extent of the work accomplished last night and will hopefully have it 2/3 done once I get off of work.
I still have to fab new cable tubes and run them to the outside of the tunnel. Also weld up cable guides and a mounting bracket for the cables/actuating rod. With any luck, this should turn out as successful as I planned. Once it is completed, the bench seat will be installed and I'll let you know how it works (or doesn't).

Once the bench seat is in, I'll extend the shifter, do the RHD conversion and rock out! If all goes well, a friend is moving in a couple apartments down from mine and will help with the chop top, letherman chop, channel job, and swing axle conversion!

Oh yeah, I'm desperately in need of a pre-67 hood. :hello:

max16v January 29th, 2008 06:54 PM

Re: Der Straßenkratzer
Well, not much work was done tonight since its getting cold, dark, and I'm hungry. I'd stay out there if my garage had a fridge and a shitter. :chillin:
Tonight's work consisted of bending some 1/2" tubing for the new brake cables. The only way I can bend the tubing is with a cheap tubing bender (for brake lines). It works but unfortunately it is not an easy task and is also very time consuming. Using my trusty sawzall, I cut open the rear portion of the tunnel to access the stock brake cable tubes. I was halfway expecting a dead animal sitting in there... :funny:

Tomorrow I'm aiming to get the cable tubes finished and welded and also the e brake actuating rod cut to length and all the welding finished up. :dancing:
I'm aiming for this little side project to be completed this week and also the bench seat as well.

max16v February 1st, 2008 07:23 PM

Well, it's been a couple days since my last post and I thought it would be time to post my progress.
The last 2-3 days have been slow but fortunately, eventful. I finally got the e-brake to work! :dancing: :chillin: <- thats me having my victory smoke. It was a pure PITA to get to this point but since my plans for the ebrake actually works, I might as well admit that these past days were worth it! It's not completely finished, just needs s'more spot welds and a trip to the hardware store to get some, well, hardware.

Looking back on this PITA project, I would say that the hardest portion of the e-brake project was bending and welding up the brake cable tubes. Even after cutting a portion of the rear tunnel out, it was still necessary to remove a coffin shaped piece of tunnel where the VIN number is stamped. Doing so allowed some extra room to get to the goddamn tubes.
I would like to thank my REALLY OLD, REALLY drunk neighbor, who's name escapes me (but to think of it, he never gives me his real name... tonight his name was Johnny B. Goode :funny::funny: )
but anyway, he DID give me some motivation to keep working on my project. We walked to the liquor store and got some beer and cigs and chatted, then went back to :sawzall: and :welder:

Now, the e-brake needs some TLC to get it into proper working order, then I'll finish up the bench seat. :dancing:

max16v February 2nd, 2008 07:55 PM

Thanks to my brother's trusty iPhone, I was able to snap some pictures of the e-brake progress.
Keep in mind, that it's not completely finished but close.

Here's the big picture:

Here's the e-brake handle and linkage. The welds are very stout and the mounts are sturdy but for added strength and safety, I will weld some triangulated steel on the bottom of the e-brake handle mount to the side of the tunnel.

Here's a shot of the cable tubes that i had to bend to clear the tunnel... complete PAIN IN THE ASS! I will be welding a swiveling tube onto the tunnel that will act as a guide for the e-brake actuating rod that will also support the cables.

Here's a portion of the tunnel that I had to remove, in addition to another portion of the tunnel to gain further access to the tubes.

If you guys have any insight on how I can improve this design, not only for aesthetics, but for functionality as well as safety, let me know. :thumbsup:

max16v February 2nd, 2008 08:15 PM

Re: Der Straßenkratzer
I just wanted to share with you some of the perks of my job...

Got to drive around town in one of these yesterday 2008 Audi R8! :dancing: I'll be honest... I always get a rush driving a 100k+ sports car.

And me after I got it to my shop, ready for work. :chillin:

I've also had the pleasure of driving some Porsche 911s, Aston Martins, Maserati's, and other "luxury" vehicles but nothing comes close, in reference to fun or exciting to drive, as this car.

Oh, don't worry guys, I'll choose to drive my v-rod over anything else on the road any day, any time! :love:

max16v February 11th, 2008 10:08 PM

Re: Der Straßenkratzer
Well, don't know when I'll be able to get some serious work done since my work schedule is severely cutting into my leisure time.
Things were looking promising: having a friend move just a couple doors down to help me work on my v-rod project (and who has been aching to work on a vdub since selling his years ago), also bought some new tools (new angle grinder :dancing:), plus I have more motivation to work on my car than I can remember. But now I have to focus on work.
Since I work for my parents, in a brand new business, I've willingly (but also reluctantly) sacrificed more than I ever have for any other job. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind the work but I wish I had a free weekend for my car. Today I put in a full 12 hours and probably will have similar days/nights at work for a couple weeks (and weekends :crybaby:).

When I'm not focusing on work, I'm thinking: :sawzall: :welder: ... and eventually :driving:

max16v February 24th, 2008 05:42 PM

Re: Der Straßenkratzer
Got some things accomplished on the rod today. Did some trimming around the engine bay, had a friend remove the wiring, and also pull out the windows to get ready to separate the body/pan and do some top chopping. I'm really aiming to pull the car off the pan next weekend if my buddy has a day off or finds some time around work/school. Seems as though I have a change of plans for the final style/design for the car as time/work progresses. It's changing one thing that leads to changing another or changing one thing that leads to changing many things. I just hope I don't screw things up to end up hating what I did when the car is finished. I guess I'll have to see.:grin:

edit: pictures

My buddy Nick yanking some wires after we pulled the windows. I forgot to mention that we cracked the windshield pulling it out. :hmm:

Nick wreaking havoc with the snips.

max16v March 3rd, 2008 06:50 AM

Re: Der Straßenkratzer
Accomplished a little more work yesterday which included:

-Removing all the steering components and steering column/ignition. Also wiper motor, glove box.. etc. getting it ready for some hacking
- Measured up and cut new hole for the master cylinder, RHD conversion.
- Started welding up all the body trim holes and welding up the side marker holes.
- Basically readying the car to be pulled off the pan.

I have a neat idea for a shift knob...

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