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Default Re: I aquired another VW

Originally Posted by AirheadZim View Post
nice stuff there metalmaster....I was checking out the little front bumper arrangment on that VR in the first pic. If you ever get a chance to shoot a few closer pics of that Id like to see how it was done. Thanks.
Thank ya, I didn't do any of the work on the VR at all, and as for the bumper, it is just some small diameter tubing welded to it. I can get some pictures of it for you, it may be a couple of days but I will get a few for you.

Originally Posted by 1965aaron View Post
theres pics on Eugenes intro. its a barbell.
Eugene did have the curl barbell bar on it at one time, but he took it off I guess to use it for what it was originally intended for. I do believe I am gonna hafta recut the beam and raise it up a bit, it has maybe an inch between the bottom of the shock towers and the ground, which is a bit much.

I would like to rebuild an entire floor pan I have and raise the front bulkhead and the rear torsion housing so it has full suspension travel, and maybe put a set of air bags on to drop it on the ground as my parking brake.

First I just want to get it in drivable condition until I can get my Eldorado fixed, then I will do some work on the VR and get back to work on the V8 Bug. I just need a good running car ASAP.

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