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Default Re: I aquired another VW

Well I started with a good short block, spent the week cleaning parts which have been sitting around for 14 years, and put together an engine for the 69 Vrod. I hope to get it installed this weekend, just hafta wait and see if time and energy are possible to squeeze into my busy schedual (NOT)

I ended up using a set of 87mm pistons and cylinders, which as I said have been siting for almost 14 years waiting to be used, I only hope that the rings last as they looked good, and as I remember they only had about 5000 miles on them when I took the engine apart to have it line bored, just never could get the money to put the engine back together, other priorities came about.

So I assembled the engine, added all my chrome cooling tin ( I never run chrome on a full bodied VW, learned that the tough way ) and now it's just a matter of setting it in, hooking up a few wires and turning the key. Then I need to take care of the title and then I shall be around again.

Anyway I took a few pictures yesterday morning after I had almost everything ready to go, just need to get the engine off the stand and get it in. The thing I do hafta do is paint the headers, I'm just gonna paint them black, to much chrome is bad for the eyes, and bad on the engine when it's in the 90's and sunny.
(WARNING - wear sun glasses when sunny out before viewing engine)

after I get the title straightened out I plan to finish putting in the left floor pan and heater channel, and put all the glass back in. I also think I'm gonna make some rear fenders to, anything is better than nothing when you are lucky enough to get tickets like I did last time I had those nerf bar bumpers years ago, tickets for no front or rear bumpers, so I'm gonna hafta figure out a classic way to put a bumper on it. I just don't have the money to spend on tickets, and the township I live in tickets you for J-walking.

Should I start another Build page for this, or just add it to my V8 Bug build page? as I mentioned I didn't do any of the work to this yet, other than put together an engine, but I do plan on finishing it. I do need to fix my mig welder before welding any sheet metal, I have a stick welder but I never was good at sheet metal with a stick welder, well nothing thinner than 1/8 inch.

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