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Default Re: I aquired another VW

Engine is in, fired it up earlyer this evening, seems to run just fine altho I do need to check the timing again to make sure it's set rite, other than that all I need to do is switch the front brakes over to disc (tomorrow if I can get to the front of my buggy to get them off) then install the front windshield and test drive it up and down the street a few times.

Maybe I can get someone to work the camera and get some video, and I'm betting it rides like it's got stiff rods for shocks up front, I think I'm gonna hafta cut and reweld the front beam a bit to raise it up an inch or so, right now the beam has been turned as low as it could possibly go and when I jump up and down on the front it doesn't move at all. Plus there is about 8 inches between the top and bottom shock mount and I wanna run front shocks.

I think I'm gonna take an old pan I have and raise up the front bulk head and also the rear torsion housing to get the low down look rather than do away with any suspension travel at all.

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