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Default Re: I aquired another VW

So the past few days I have been cutting out the drivers side floor pan and heater channel, now I need to find my grinder so I can grind everything to bare metal and make sure it all fits in properly before welding it in, I have been looking for my 4-1/2 inch grinder for the past 3 days and I'm about to give up.

I also was thinking in my head about what I'm gonna do to the rear end of the car, I like the way Timbo's looks and think I'm gonna make it somewhat like that except I will be adding a small part of the rear fenders as well (I'll get a ticket for not having fenders, even if I was in a crowd of 200 VW's without running fenders, I'd be the one to get the ticket, I know this from experience)

So I look at my Buggy and decide to take the rear cage off it and set it up on the back of the 69 (pics at the end of my post) I think I'm gonna build a cage for the inside and run it completely up front to the beam, and also run it out the back to protect the engine (I've been rear ended to many times to keep track) from those that don't pay attention to the car in front of them.

I set the cage from my buggy and I think it looks ok, I'll make it a bit different and add something to it that just stands out, just not sure what yet.

I have also decided to raise the front and rear torsion as well so it sits nice and low (chop top next fall and winter as well), I was going thru my stuff and found part of a rear torsion housing and set it inside on top of the center tube where it goes, looks like I could raise it almost 6 inches if I just stack one on top of the other.

So I was wondering what's the most that somebody raised their torsion housing, I have looked it and read about a 4 inch raise but that was about the most. Would raising it 4 inches and flipping the rear trailing arm get it about as low as a 6 inch raise because I don't wanna raise it more than I have to and I want it to be as strong as possible.

pic's below
Rear Cage

Rear Cage

Rear Cage

Torsion housing sitting on top - 6 inch raise

Criticism welcome, I love all and any.
I'll start another build page for this as the BitchN Bug is in hold until I get this one drivable.

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