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Default Re: I aquired another VW

So a bit over 2 weeks and I have the floor pan in and the heater channel, still have a bit of welding to do in order to finish it up.

Started on the rear package try behind the rear seat, I was gonna weld in the one I out of my 66 V8 "BitchN Bug" but it was way to rusty to use, so I did what I did in the 66.

I had another S-10 hood and I out a piece from the front of it and I'm gonna weld it in the rear. I plan on changing things a bit, I'm gonna raise the bottom of the package tray up a bit higher (it'll be the top instead of the bottom), then I'm gonna use the front section off the hood and cut up a custom grill which was a bad luck charm (both blazers it was on were totaled on the passengers side, so I'm gonna cut it up(and modify it) so it can't pass on the same kind of luck if I sell it(or give it) to someone else).

Here's a few pic's of the floor pan and heater channel, I'll add the rear package tray after I get it all in, or finished

old pan & heater channel before

New pan and heater channel installed

That's all for now

I've been wanting to drive it more and more as I get further along.

I just can't work that fast anymore.


"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.

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