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Default Re: I aquired another VW

So now that I have the floor pan and heater channel all finished I needed to close in the huge hole behind the rear seat area, what's it called, the luggage holder, hell I don't know

Any how this is what it looked like before I did any work to it other than put an engine in it

So I decide to cover it in, and I don't like to spend money on sheet metal, or anything else for that matter, and seeing how I still have lots of sheet metal from the hoods and roofs of old cars I have since junked or gotten rid of, I used the hood from another Chevy S10 truck to keep it looking a bit like my other Bug, except I'm gonna mount the custom grill from a truck as well

Here's the hood

Here it is after a few tack welds and with the grill just sitting almost in place

I still need to cut out some more pieces of hood to build the section to mount the grill to and fill in the hole completely.

I did set the rear seat in place to see what it will look like, I may go out and snap a picture and post it a little later tonight now that the batteries in my camera are all charged up.

here's the pics with the rear seat in place

I think it looks purty good with the seats in, but I still gotta finish the hole, maybe over the weekend if it warms up a bit, supposed to be rather cold Friday and I can't remember what they said about the weekend, I'd sure like to have a sunny day if it's gonna be below the 50's. I wear a thick coat when the temp is in the lower 60's.

gettin closer to

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