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Default Re: I aquired another VW

Beautiful work!
The ridge in the middle of the S-10 hood adds an interesting detail and ridigititty.
Clever of you the way you cut a notch in the ridge to get it to bend!
I also use recycled sheet metal, major appliances are a major source of sheetmetal for me.Electric dryers have a TON of really high quality wire as well. Building my VR (AKA Lumpy) He had some rust....
To build the lower 1/2 of both hinge pillares and the front 1/2 of both heater channels I used swingset pipe,bed frame,futon frame,trampoline frame,refergerator door and a little bit of dishwasher.
For floor pans I used some old 3/4 plywood--guarenteed not to rust
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