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Default Re: I aquired another VW

Well where should I start , well it's almost Spring and I'm almost ready to start driving this VW. I still hafta put a master cylinder on it, but I did get the disc brakes on the front, so I should be able to stop it now since bleeding them, then fixing the 2 lines which decided to blow the day after I bled the brakes.

So then last Wednesday (Feb 23rd) as I was changing into my work clothes and I went to put my dentures in my mouth, I smiled at myself and noticed the right side of my face wasn't moving, my 1st thought was I had a stroke, so I started thinking what is it I need to do, 3 S's, well I couldn't smile (well I could but only 1 side of my face was working) so I started talking to myself and all sounded ok, next I tried to stretch, my arms went up just fine, so I didn't wanna call my wife at work because she would have panicked and she stresses enough about my health problems and I didn't want her stressing and driving home, so I went outside to the garage and began moving everything out of the way, then I pulled out the 69 V-Rod, which I think I have co,me up with a good name for, gonna call it the "SixtyNiner" (until I come up with a better name).

Anyway as soon as I got it out it ran out of gas, then the battery went dead, so I closed up shop, went inside and waited intil my wife got home from work, she told me about her day, then I stopped her and said "look at this" and I smiled at her, well she panicked grabbed the phone, called both my doctor's offices (which closed at 5pm and it was like 5:08) she left a message for the doc on call who returned her call and said "get him to the ER" due to my health record, we get to the ER, standing room only, I grab a mask because I have a lowered immune system from my med's from my organ transplants, they call me back in maybe 3 minutes and do all the testing to rule out a stroke (Thank you Lord, I knew it wasn't but ya just never know if it may have been a small stroke leading to larger deadly stroke) I had Bell's Palsy, which for those who may not know it when 1 side of your face gets paralyzed they THINK it is caused by a viral infection but really don't know what causes it.

Ok now that I got that out the way (sorry I love telling stories, and all of mine are true believe it or not) This past Saturday and Sunday both my boys (men now at 24 and 18) helped me play musical cars, I have a 92 Eldorado which needs an engine, I bought a 93 Caddy Sedan-Deville which didn't have the Northstar in it, so it must have been an early model 93 because they started putting the Northstar engine in the Eldorado's and Sedan-Devilles in 93. The Eldorado had no brakes due to a broken brake line and my driveway is all down hill (not very steep but still down ward with a utility pole across the street in case of an emergency) We got the Eldorado into the garage and the Sedan-Deville in, then the SixtyNiner in the driveway last.

I was hoping to change out the master cylinder today, but I was put on steroids for the Bell's Palsy, and those take the imflamation out of my joints and make me able to move like nothing is wrong, BUT once they get out of my system it's hurt city (I have osteoarthritis and cannot take any kind of anti inflammatory meds due to my transplanted kidney, which BTW I found out has critical damage from the Biopsy I had on Feb 18th and cannot be treated (sorry for talking in circles).

So now as soon as I get the brake cylinder on and have my son weld up the inside firewall from where the heater channels have been replaced I'm gonna register in and start driving it, before the 1st day of Spring I hope. That gives me 19 days to get it registered and licensed and insured, Then I'm mobile, which is gonna be a great feling because I haven't had a car since a bit over a year ago when my youngest son blew up my Caddy. I hope to have that engine transplanted in a few weeks with his help, after all, he blew the dadgum thing up.

I'll be damned if I'm crawling under it, I'll coach him along and help him if he can't do something seeing how he has never done anything to a car but change tires around and check the oil. By the time I was his age (18-1/2) I had rebuilt several VW engines, and could pull the engine out of my 74 Cutlass which had a 455 engine (The Great White was it's name, and I kept the engine and tranny from it for a future project, it was gonna go into the BitchN Bug but was to dang heavy) anyhow I could get home from work on Friday at 6pm and pull the engine and have it back in and driving it by midnight (had to put an oil pan gasket on it).
Those days are long gone for me, but in my mind I can still do it, my body just doesn't wanna cooperate.

Well again, I'm sorry for being so long winded, but when you spend 5 days a week home alone talking to ones self, this forum gives me a place to unleash my mind and what all it has to say (and I could go on about the Friday before the 23rd about my biopsy, but I'll spare you all that due to this super long winded typing. I have blisters on my fingers ! (aren't those from a song? I just can't remember at the moment)

But I never let a little pain stop me as I live a life in pain from my arthritis each and everyday, along with the never damage in my legs and feet from nuropathy from the 25 years I lived with type 1 Diabetes. (another story all it's own)

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.

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