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Default Re: I aquired another VW

Well this past week I put on a master cylinder, brakes worked great for a few minutes, then one of the rear wheel cylinders blew. Now the question is, wait another week and fab up everything so I can put disc on the rear, or see if I have any good wheel cylinders laying around, put them on and drive it while I'm fab'n up the rear disc setup I have. I need to modify 2 old rear drums, and make a bracket for the caliper. I should be able to use the VW brake cable for the E-brake.

Today I also pulled it out on the street and took a few pictures, I need to drop the rear end down a bit, but that can wait until I get the disc brakes go on.
I still need to make some headlight mounts cause the ones on it are way to low, after I do that this weekend and get the turn signals working I will get it registered on Monday and see how it does.
I know it rides rough from the trip up the street and back, I should probably cut and turn the beam back up, then get some drop spindles for it.
I also cut a hole in the rear deck lid so the exhaust could stick out, it open all the way, but I need to cut a little more off the bottom so it closes all the way, as well as take a bit off the left side so the hole is centered around the header.

Here's a few pictures I took earlier today

That's it for one day, altho it could stand a bit of black primer over the gray, but that was just sprayed on when I got it to cover up the bare metal.

Won't be long now

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