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Default Re: I aquired another VW

Took it on it's 1st drive today, and what a day it was

How many different types of windshield wipers setup did the Bug come with? It started raining so I grabbed a set of wiper arm and went to put them on, but they don't fit. They came off a 74, so I took the ones off my 66 which are from a 70 bug, they don't fit either, so does anyone know how many different types of wiper arm mounts did they use on the bug's? the stems on the 69 are just straight shafts, the ones on the 66 (off a 70) they are tapered with nuts to hold them onto the taper, I think the ones from the 74 are tapered too and they won't fit.

So I guess tomorrow I'm a hafta take the motor and all out of the 66 and put it on the 69.

As for it's 1st on the road experience was ok even tho I had a tough time seeing with the rain, other than a rough ride it went purty good, 40 miles later I know not to go get any eggs in this ride cause they'll be scrambled by the time I get home.

I think my fillings are loose oh wait, I have dentures now, almost forgot.

I'll hafta say it was a fun day, been almost 17 years since the last time I drove a Bug, I' ma hafta go do it again tomorrow.

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