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Default Re: I aquired another VW

Originally Posted by V8Transporter View Post
I like what you did with the deck lid exhaust exit. The anti-rain/snow flapper is a nice practical touch. Enjoy your ride!
Thank ya, and the deck lid opens all the way as well. I didn't plan on that when I cut it out, it just worked out that way.
Originally Posted by 38Chevy454 View Post
A set of drop spindles and raising the beam back up should make it ride much better. I bet you are essentially riding bottomed out or right near so any bump makes it hit hard.
Rain-X works pretty good as long as you are moving. I like the exhaust through the decklid.
As for the windshield wipers I'm gonna just take the wiper motor and all the linkage off my 66 V8 Bug and put it on this one, I'll just get another setup one day for when I get the V8 Bug finished.
It has about 2 inches of travel before it bottoms out and I'm gonna put another beam on that I have once I get it all put back together, then IF and when I get the $ I'll get some lowered spindles. I may even make a set from all the spindles I have collected over the years. I kept them so I could make some raised spindles for my Buggy but I had to give up the off road thing due to my Arthritis, and don't worry, if I do make some lowered spindles I'll make sure I have my son abuse them off road on my Buggy before I would even think about using them on the street, plus I tend to make things heavy duty.
I just don't like many of the lowered spindles being sold, there are only a few that say they are made from "forged steel" but they don't specify what kind of steel they are made from. I called about 3 years ago one of the companies who sells "forged spindles" and asked what kind of material they are made from and they couldn't tell me what it was. They could be made from cheap material and forged cheaply as well, and IF I would make my own they would be much stronger than ones I could buy.
Hell I should just forge my own and machine them myself, they would be much stronger than the places that sell "cast" spindles, and there are a bunch them out there.
Originally Posted by V8SuperBeetle View Post
Awesome! You have a nice collection there! Are you still building the V8 bug?
Yes I sure do have a collection, I'm back up to 6 cars again, 2 Caddy's, 1 is just for the engine for my 92 Eldorado, 2 VW Bugs, my Rail buggy, and my wife's Escort ZX2 which is a nice lil car getting 29 MPG in the city.
As for the V8 Bug, it's been on hold since my welder broke, but I still plan on finishing it. I was gonna build me a set of headers but money is tight, so I'm waiting on my brother to dig out the stock cast headers that came on his Mustang GT and when I get them I can finish the firewall, then I'll tear it all apart and finish welding everything and rebuild the engine and transmission.
Seems I'm way past my original finish date by 2-1/2 years, so maybe I'll get it finished by this time next year. I need to play it by ear, my body can't keep up with my mind which says go go go, but my body tires out after a few hours of work, otherwise I'd be back to working a full time job and have the money to buy everything I need. Then between all my doctors visits and surgical procedures it makes finishing anything tough, but I do what I can do.

Thank ya's all, it was a fun day while I was driving it, even had a police officer take a picture of me at an intersection while waiting for the green light. I past 3 other police officers and was waiting to get stopped because of the fender and bumper laws, but as long as I don't go doing burnouts and speeding I think I'll be ok, just hafta wait and see.

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