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Default Re: I aquired another VW

So today I went out to the shop and started messing with all the stuff I'm gonna use to put disc brakes on the rear of my Bug. I got all the brake parts from my son who has a 92 Honda Accord which has 4 wheel disc brakes on it and he bought a parts car about a year ago.

Since it has an emergency/parking brake I decided to use everything off the rear so I don't hafta spend any money which I have none of.

So I chucked the rear VW drum in the lathe and cut it down until it fit inside the brake rotors, next I will cut some squares out of some 1/4 inch thick plate bore a hole in it to fit over the bearing where the original backing plates go, then I will need to measure and drill holes where the caliper bracket is going to hold the caliper. I'll need to buy a new set of brake pads before I can finish the caliper brackets.

A few pictures of the modified drum

Well I thought I had 1 more of the caliper resting on the rotor, but it looks like it will be in the exact place the backing plates were, I'll pick up a set of brake pads this weekend and make the brackets, then hook it all up.

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