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Default Re: Thank you for speaking these words...

gramps was infantry in the arden, 1917, 323rd, co. C, Kansas, and dad did 27 missions in the nose of #15, a b24h, 15th aac, 3035 sq, 461st bgh, toretto, italy. escorts were lightnings that fall through summer of 44-45. 65% attrition rate. uncle earl worked for kelly johnson at the skunkworks and volunteered to patchup aircraft in england for the MIGHTY EIGHTH aac. grampa #2 was ssgt us army, 1918, cavalry [horses]. His 2 sons were army. one was special forces and the other was a shape liason in europe.
cousin was special forces and brother was army medic in saudi, 82-86.
I was lucky and avoided service, although my class was the last required to have a draft card in 75.
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