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Default Ahem... *tap-tap* This thing still on? Still alive, bringing sexy back (and SHIRTS)

Oh, well hey fellas... and Carlene
Gonna make this short and sweet:

** I'm still alive.

** Been busy with non-car stuff that wouldn't interest most people that like car stuff.

** I never stopped loving you.

** Your mom says hi.

** Got offered $$$ to sell this site to one of those big forum acquisition firms so they could stuff it full of ads, estrogen, and give it a vagina.

** Thought about it.

** Remembered I made a stupid promise like 14 years ago when we had about 53 members that I would never do that. (idiot)

** Thought it would still be funny.

** Told them to pack sand.

** Decided to dust off the old shirt designs and start hocking them again to make myself feel better about not taking their $$$.

** Make me feel better about not taking their $$$.

Shirts can be ordered HERE ----->


Ok, all kidding aside... I've missed a lot of goings on here and I'm going to try and hang out more. I honestly figured the old timers that are still here have been handling this place just fine for the last few years and didn't need me meddling in things, besides keeping the lights on.

But, while I've been working more with wood working tools and house stuff, than I have with wrenches and sheet metal... I'm gonna be around more and see what I can fuck up here.

Oh... and to the new folks that have joined in the last couple years... hi, I'm the asshole landlord.

Thanks for not breaking shit.

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