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Originally Posted by mkparker View Post
Everyone may "need" flaps but I'm betting after all these years more cars have missing or non functioning flaps than the other way. I've never had functioning flaps in and aircooled VW, but I live in mostly warm Texas and I don't drive an aircooled much in really cold weather. If you have everything apart and are willing to procure all of the proper parts and make sure they are all assembled and functioning correctly you would probably be better off. Lots of videos and info out there to guide you through the process.
I'm Betting you're right, Mr. Parker... but I always consider the the saying... "Just because you can doesn't mean you should"... right? Knowing I live near you (Garland G Bush at 78)... I know we can get away without them a lot of the time, but summer time would be nice to have the air flow directed properly to keep temps regulated... I have only ever had 2 VW's with the full set up on them out of I believe 29 Beetles now... Like you, I give advice better than I follow in this situation... LOL
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