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Default Re: I aquired another VW

I'll hafta look into that alodizing, sounds like it's pretty easy compared to anodizing, thanks for the link

Jeff, my garage is well ventalated, I almost always leave the 16' by 8' garage door open when doing stuff that create dangerous vapors I open the entry door which is near the back, air goes right thru, I only close it up when it's extremely cold, like below 30 dgrees, I won't do things like that when it's that cold
As far as this weather goes, I've been hurting bad, specially the past 2 weeks because I have been keeping busy, I also started cutting the dosage level of the pain pills in half over the last 6 weeks, I certainly feel it on the days when I'm out cranking handles around on machines, but then again I was only going out and working in the garage 2 days a week most of the summer, 4 and 5 days I'm pushing myself, I need to work out the muscles I haven't been using, I'm hoping if I keep it up and work thru it eventually they will strengthen up like I was use to last year, I slowed down and didn't do much for a long time, I'm calling it "work hardening"
This time of year always sucks tho, cold mornings and semi warm days, beginning of this week it was 40 degrees and no sun, yesterday it was sunny and 67 degrees, today 60 and no sun, I was cold all day, Saturday and Sunday in the 70's they say, plus we set the clocks back this week, I'd rather set them up so it's light out later, I don't like darkness at 6 pm, but hey, what can I do about it, not a dang thing

May all of you at VOLKSRODS.COM enjoy all the Great & Wonderful things life has to offer

I Love ya's ALL !!!

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