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Default Re: I aquired another VW

Thank ya, I spent about 20 minutes Monday looking for a place like this, they have it all, the prices are a bit out of my budget, but that just gives me something to save for, just like everything else, I have one hell of a wishlist,
I wanna try to copper plate a few things to see how it turns out, I'm having a hard time getting my hands on sulfuric acid, I tried all the auto parts stores around here for battery acid and wouldn't ya know it, they're all out, so I asked them to order some, they're gonna call me when it comes in, I want to first make some copper sulfate, I should a looked for that at Caswell
I need to clear a spot off on my workbench to set my chemical resistant table top on, a friend was gonna throw it out till I said I'd take it, it's been in a corner collecting dust, now I can put it to use

I'm headed outside now to put those camber adjusters on while the sun is out, I wish I would have been able to start earlier, I don't care for this time of year, it gets dark to early, I should just stick to the same schedule as summer, but that screws up doctors appointments, I'd be early and hafta wait even longer, yesterday I had a 3:30 appointment and walked out the door at 5:40 after seeing the doc for 20 minutes

Thanks again

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