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Default Re: I aquired another VW

Scott, I'm just gonna start asking you all my plating questions, I'll go and get some root kill and check it out, sure sounds easy enough, thanks again

Another thing where copper sulfate is used is in liquid plumber drain cleaner, about 17 years ago our oldest son started smoking, his mom asked what was taking so long in the bath room, we'll when he finally came out his one hand was blue from those toilet bisquits you drop in the tank to keep them clean, he didnít have any pockets to put his pack of cigarettes in so he tried to flush them and it clogged up the toilet, I bought a bottle of that drain cleaner and poured it in, it didn't work but I noticed the water got super hot, I figures that stuff caused a chemical reaction so it warmed the pipes up, they expand and loosens everything up and down it goes, we'll that day I had to take the toilet off only to find a pack of cigarettes with toilet paper wrapped around them, but since then I have never bought any of that drain cleaner, I just use a bucket of hot water and keep pouring it down which ever drain is clogged, occasionally I'll boil water and do the same, after 3 or 4 three gallon buckets everything goes right down

I didn't even think of the root killer stuff, I suppose I didn't read enough, that's how I find out all the DIY and backyard ways to use household stuff for doing things, like deggasing molten aluminum before pouring it into a mold, I have a piece of rear with a short section of 1/2 pipe welded to the end with several holes drilled thru it, I wrap pool shock granules in a piece of aluminum foil and push it to the bottom of my crucible just before I take it out to pour, I was amazed the first time I did it, I was getting parts with holes in it like a sponge, I noticed it after machining a part and it had tiny holes thru out the part, so I started using the pool shock stuff or the granular chlorine
Wish I had taken a chemistry class in high school now

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.

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