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Default Re: I aquired another VW

Ron, That's probably about all I know about the stuff really... so don't ask me specifically... I may have run across a thing or two, but certainly don't have all the plating answers. I don't know if copper sulfate is what makes copper plating... just that root kill is the crystal form of it, and it is pretty easy to obtain... no special licenses or anything.

Now... why I know anything bout Copper sulfate:

I tried to be a good Aircraft Mechanic a few years ago. Loved it, but the people I worked for screwed the pooch and hired an asshat that liked to get rid of talent because he had issues with their personalities not being subservient to his... Fuck HIM.... so I got let go with a bullshit letter saying they had run out of work for me and that they "laid me off"... so now I work on shitty machines that are nasty but kinda cool... hard to explain anything beyond that... but...

While I was working on Landing gear, we had to verify chrome plating was complete and had no gapes or damage through the plating on Hydraulic cylinders and Axles and pins that were thick chrome plating and had tolerances that had to be met as well. We were required to brush on Copper Sulfate liquid (we made from blue crystals in a bigger canister) with an acid brush... if any copper color turned up, the plating had been compromised and the chrome plating had to be ground off and replaced or removed then the base metal had to be verified within plate-able tolerance then re-plated... long story short... I only know because of an experience I had in Landing gear overhauling... which I loved dearly. We did a lot of things that were neat and unusual in that gig. Lot of technical knowledge had to be obtained and retained to do that kind of work. and I was just a newb at it.

The other part about the Copper sulfate, that I actually knew as well, was "what it was called" when I started having Tree roots growing in the sewer drains at a house I rented... We found out what it was and used it to prevent the roots from growing in a bunch of the old OrangeBerg Tar and paper pipes used in the 50's and 60's... usually the trees win anyway, but you can get by for a while if you're diligent. I bought the root kill stuff in 5 lb drums when I was renting, and used it monthly to ward off the growth... It was even cheaper purchased that way, but it's not bad even in smaller jars like Home depot sells.
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