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Originally Posted by fernon View Post
OK, well thanks for the heads up. I have been seeing all kinds of people and companies using my car to either promote them or their products and taking credit for the build.

Although I do appreciate the fact that people like the car, it would at least be nice for them to give credit were credit is due.

I know I haven't been on here in a while with any updates and there have been many, I have just been to busy with life like everyone else to sit down and post things up here. I will try to make an effort to do so.

That being said, this site and the people that are on here have always had my back and I want to thank you. This is the comment that I left on the website that made the video. Since I cannot confirm they are or actually have made money off of it I tried to keep the comment low key.

Hello everyone and thank you for the kind words. I did not make this video nor did I authorize anyone to use the images that were taken from my build thread on ( used to make this video. I do appreciate the effort that went in to making this video but I had nothing to do with it except for the 7 years of my time that it took to build the Volksrod. If you wish to learn more about the build and see some of the finished work that is not in this video you can follow me on ( or Instagram @efernon Again thank you for the kind words about the car but I did not have anything to do with this video.

Again, thank you for the heads up and I will try and post some new updates for the car.

So here is the update on the Youtube Video that Cheral Auto used my images to make. After a lot of running around with Youtube they finally agreed with me and took the video down. The funny thing is, as soon as they removed the video Cheral Auto had no problem contacting me to let me now that the video was removed. This was the response that I received from them.

Dear Sir
i'm david from cheral auto
We hope you will understand us
We apologize for the use of images without your permission
But we are not malicious ends if you have noticed, we do not attribute to us your project
However, you have the right in everything you have done.
But it is better if you contact us and we will delete the video
You know that the removal of the video by force has touched us ...
Then we ask to remove the complaint filed in the knowledge that the video has already been deleted
and thank you

Let me start off by saying I am probably the most laid back easy going person you will ever meet and I will bend over backwards to help anyone out. That being said, I would not have any problem with them making the video and I do realize the amount of work that it took to make the video, but at least give me the common courtesy to tell me that you have made this video with my images and hard work.

I am not mad that they made the video and are making money off of it. I was more concerned with the constant complaints that I was receiving from people that the video was over an hour long and nothing but commercials, again I had nothing to do with the video but it was reflecting on me and I happen to take pride in MY WORK.

This company is still making videos of peoples builds and apparently profiting from others hard work.

Again, Thank you and everyone in the Volksrod community for looking out for each other.
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