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Default Re: Wheel bearings

I understand, I'd do the same, well no I wouldn't because I have a non existent budget, but I do have many sets of front wheel bearings that I would go thru & inspect, if I couldn't find a "good" set, then I would buy new ones
This past summer I was trying to get rid of all the useless VW parts so I scrapped 5 to 6 sets of spindles, 6 sets of trailing arms & close to 5 sets of brake drums & bscking plates all from 4 lug B/J Bugs, I kept a set of decent drums for a disc brake setup I plan to make, I gathered all these parts from when I was having fun in my rail buggy, you tend to break & bend suspension parts off road so you need lots of spares, we don't have sand dunes around these parts, just wooded areas, mud, shallow streams, I only wish we had video cameras & regular cameras we could have brought with us in the woods, sometimes 3 or 4 of us in buggies & 3 or 4 on motorcycles & quads would take off for a weekend in the Daniel Boone National Forest & not see anyone for 10 to 15 hours, crazy right, no cell phones to call for help, just a flare gun, food, water, beer n whiskey & a big fire at night, ahh the memories

Ok I got off track, I had one 66 Bug with B/J & 5 lug wheels, the front outer wheel bearings were smaller, then half way thru 68 they changed them, something else that's different from a 66 & later years was the tie rod ends, the tapered section that went into the spindle arms was much smaller, I have no idea what year they changed them, I just know that by 69 the tie rod end's tapered ends had a larger diameter shaft & the spindle arms had a larger hole

That was a lot to say, but I was basically just asking if you didn't know which outer front wheel bearings you needed that I could tell you the size of each & you could check yours to see if you needed the early smaller ones, or the later larger ones, plus I just like to talk a lot anyway so it's all good

So did you ever get the correct bearings ?

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.

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