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Default Re: Machine Shop updates

Originally Posted by V8Transporter View Post
When I dig through my crap, I find an old pair of Vice Grips, or maybe a bike carburetor. You find a whole bandsaw! If you happen to stumble onto an early fifties Buick, I have a friend who might be interested.
I wish I could find an early 50's car of any kind in my garage/workshop, altho I did uncover a 1992 Eldorado, at one point you couldn't see it because of all the crap I had sitting around & on top of it

It's a sad story, my dad bought it in 94 after a 2 year lease, it had 22,000 miles on it & they put a "new" engine in it because my dad thought it didn't sound right, after he passed in 2003 I got it & drove it until 2010 when I let my son drive it to & from school, the radiator had a crack in the tank where the top radiator hose attached (dadgum plastic radiator tanks suck), I drove it for almost 2 years like that, he didn't take the time to top it off one day after school, it over heated, him & his girlfriend called my oldest son to come help them, he sat in it & made the 2 of them push it home, it was so hot an hour after it stopped running I could feel the heat from 10 feet away, next day I started it up & water was gushing out of he exhaust, I bought a Sedan Devill for $200, drove it home, ran good, made my son pull both engines out, now the good engine is sitting in front of the car waiting to be put back in, the only thing that stopped it was the ram on my lift crane broke, we were broke, then it became a convenient place to set boxes of crap
I'm just hoping all the nuts-n-bolts are still in the marked containers under or in the car someplace

Here's a pic of my garage when it was at it's worst about 2 to 3 years ago when I was spending all my time on the Volksrod

Here's the Eldorado in 2007

I have since gotten rid of I don't don't know how much trash, at least 2 tons of S-10 truck & blazer parts, I still have a ton of VW parts I don't need, think I have about 10 steering boxes (anybody need a couple?), at least 16 brake drums, a few rusted out front beams, 6 or 7 sets of front & rear trailing arms, I think I counted 6 or 7 VW jacks, & my trailer is almost fully loaded (I try not to put more than 400 lbs in it at a time)
I ask myself every day why I kept it all, but, it's going, it doesn't help getting put on light duty work a couple times a year, but I'll use any excuse I can now

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.

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