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Default Re: Machine Shop updates

Here's what I started with, the short piece I made to smack with a hammer to free up the quill, once I got it moving and mounted on the machine base I welded the longer piece on, it weighed a lot and if I'd forget to take it off it would eventually wiggle it's way off right onto my foot, I've been meaning to make one for a whole now, it works great

I ended up taking a handle off one of my other drill presses until I make one a bit longer and get the ball turning fixture finished

I made the handle at a 15 degree angle to leave lots of clearance for my hands

I also plated it so it wouldn't rust, here is a before pic and an after pic

That's that, I still need to finish the dial for the other side of the table and put the graduations on, that means I need to finish the dividing head, I still need to cast a few parts for that, it's gonna hafta wait a while so I can get that side of my garage cleaned up, until then

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