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Default Re: Effigy's history

So I ordered a compression testing kit a couple of months ago, finally got around to trying it out..

Jacked up the car, took off the rear wheels and started pulling spark plugs...

I'm going to be calling the Bughouse in Virginia Beach monday because I'm pretty fuckin pissed. I realize it's been almost half a year since I brought it to them, and I should have complained sooner, I just haven't had time to look into it myself until now. I want a refund, but I doubt that will happen, so I'm just gonna call and complain..

They charged me for four new spark plugs, but only replaced the two on the 3/4 side. They charged me for brand new pertronix flamethrower 8mm splug wires, because they insisted my almost brand new MSD 8mm plug wires were bad... they measure comparable resistance so I'm not sure what wrong with them..

Starting the car and trying to drive around the block, it feels like I'm running on 2 cylinders now. I looked at the heads and confirmed what I thought, it is physically impossible to remove and re-install a head without either pulling the engine, or at LEAST pulling the fan shroud and engine tin. So they charged me for work they never did.

I'm assuming they just guessed when they told me my valves were fine, since they never pulled the head..

To make it worse, and harder for me to argue, I haven't been as good as I used to be about filing invoices. I know I still have the invoice, but I don't remember where I had it in the old house so I have no idea where to look now that i've moved.

Oh and that new compression test kit I bought, comes with adapters for 14mm and 12mm plugs... none of the fittings are the same size as my plugs. I normally use NGK DCPR6E which are 12mm, but I put my calipers on a plug and none of the fittings are the same size.

fuck it, i'm getting drunk tonight.

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