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Default Re: Effigy's history

Finally got off my ass and yanked the engine.

At a quick glance in failing light, I'm thinking there is definitely something wrong with valve timing.. #1 intake has a pool of gas.. which also, the gas is yellow in color..

After seeing the color of the pool of gas, I'm guessing the yellow stains on both intakes under the carbs means bother carbs are leaking as well..

Going to buy some cheapo oil so I can do the compression test on the engine stand, then tear it down to a shortblock and look everything over..

here's some pics:

passenger side carb, note the yellow on the top left side of the intake:

yellow all down that side:

some yellowing in the middle here:

more yellow:

driver's side carb, more yellow:

rear view:

inboard side, not sure what the dark shit is by the intake, but it doesn't just wipe off:

guessing it's some kind of sealing shit..

rear side:

engine out:

3/4 intakes, sorry for blur, was getting dark.. fuel pooling in both ports..

1/2 side, LOTS of fuel in #1...

may have to hook the battery up and use the fuel pump to empty that yellow shit out of the tank.. my muffler smelled like gas when i took it off, so I'm guessing it's not burning and just passing through the engine. I'll know more when I get a look at the heads and P&Cs..

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