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Default Re: Effigy's history

So I rigged up a lift system tonight and got the engine on the stand. Ran one round of compression tests and checked the valve lash. going to adjust the valves tomorrow and run another round of compression tests then move on to checking head torque and removing the heads for inspection..

got a section of 4x4 post laying across the 2x6 boards in the overhead.. cable draped over those and connected to the come-along..

made a harness out of red rope.. not ideal, but it worked. it's under the engine case not the pushrod tubes..

mid-air before sliding the yoke into the stand..

engine on stand with one person and minimal effort :)

ghetto rigged compression test set up...

skipped pics until i took the 3/4 valve cover off and found this sludge.. looks like some water in the oil :/

apparently the Bughouse only thought two of the plugs needed to be replaced...

1/2 side are a couple of years and maybe 700 miles old..

3/4 side were installed in April and have maybe 70 miles on them..

here's the numbers I got tonight.. seems like compression is actually low on the 1/2 side instead of the 3/4 side. looking back, i don't think i ever went back and retorqued anything after putting the engine together, so this is all probably my fault.. but i'm not really pleased with the valve lash that this "race mechanic" idiot at the bug house did.. i can at least get .006 if i'm aiming for it while i'm laying on my back under the car.. he had it on a lift and I asked for loose zero...


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