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Default Re: Beam Extender Install Walkthrough

Originally Posted by rodderdan View Post
The lock washer goes behind the nut to lock it place,not the bolt head.
hmmm, I don't know for sure. However multiple items that I have either taken apart or put together called for the split washer under the top of the head of the bolt.

This makes sense from a moment of inertia stand point. The moment will be imposed when a force is applied to the length of the bolt concentrating at the head of the bolt. I could be wrong but the shear mechanics work out for it under the bolt head.

From a bite in type of observation it makes sense under the nut, so that it will "bite in" when the nut loosens.

NASA engineers consider them garbage.......I think it is more of opinion than anything. You would probably be fine with just red loctite.
Beer is the what was the question?

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