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So I have been taking care of a few things, in prep for a car show in Big Bear, CA next month. Here's some pics of the stuff I have been doing.

I had an upholstery shop make a windshield cover for when I am towing. I found after the first time I towed it home, I had a stone chip from the tow vehicle. This should help prevent that.

I wanted them to redo the seat but was quoted $425. I passed on that and decided to pickup a $30 Mexican blanket and redid it myself. Didn't come out too bad and looks way better than the torn, stained old cover.

Another issue that I ran into after putting on the new rear tires was they rubbed the fender lip. I had two options, re-index the spring plates or run Empi coil overs. I decided to do the later. Definitely helped but without anyone in it, it does look high in the back.

I also changed out the swing axle boots with German made split boots instead of the cheap bellows style China ones. Also replace the transaxle fluid. Also adjusted the rear brakes.

Well, that basically does it. I think the buggy is ready for being towed up to Big Bear.
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