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Default Re: Is there a Larry's Off-road VW Nationals this year?

I called earlier today, they aren't having the race this year but sometime in September they're having their Bug Jam, he also said they're gonna try to organize a cruise to the Columbus show and the Cincinnati show, Cincinnati's VW show doesn't have a date set yet as far as I know, but it's in September as well

I haven't been to the Cincinnati show for the past few years because it always seems to be on or near our anniversary, with this year being our 30th I have no idea until they set a date, I will say next year I'm gonna be there and put my Volksrod in it IF I get it finished, sometime soon we're buying my wife a newer car that doesn't need so much work, so I'll drive her old car and get to work on mine, I really need to start fixing the seam where the PO welded in the oval window, the bondo has been bubbling up for the past year, a few weeks ago I took my knife and pushed it into a crack and now I have a spot about 6 to 8 inches long that is rusting really bad, I should have fixed it as soon as I noticed it, my cousin gave me some stuff to use, he buys the best of everything when it comes to body and paint work, I just wish I could get him to do it, I don't care much for doing body work, mostly the sanding, I'd much rather get my hands greasy or get tiny cuts and burns from sharp edges and hot chips

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