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Default Quality work? Nah

I think I may see a correlation between having quality work done vs personal appearance.
I do pretty much all my own work, and take great pride in a job well done. However, there's some things I don't have the ability or tools to do myself, like bending roll bar or welding aluminum. So I go to a shop, with expectations of decent craftsmanship.
But I'm seeing a pattern.
I don't look like big money. Therefore it's assumed that I'll just accept whatever shit work they pass off on me. I've seen their work prior, and know that they're capable of making a good product.
I feel that if I showed up in a new Lincoln or brand new dually turbo-diesel truck, wearing business attire or crew clothing, then I also would be a recipient of the good stuff. Unfortunately, I'm on a crazy tight budget, and a rusty 91 Grand Marquis shows my financial situation like a neon lit billboard.
It has now been over a year that I've been dicking around with "reputable" shops, just to get a main hoop and halo bent up for my cage. That's simply ridiculous.
One place, Straight Shot, here in Livonia, Michigan, tried to fix a bent-too-wide main hoop by putting an additional bend (kink) on the top portion of the bar! Definitely not gonna pass tech! Then after I paid for a new piece of tubing, he had it for two more months, and still never got around to it. Thanks Phil, you hack.
My wife and I had a successful business for about 10 years. No matter who we made our product for, rich or poor, we alway took the highest pride in what we made. I wish I could get the same in return.
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