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OK guys I fucked up a little on this...

ran into a problem.

when I load up the rear suspension, the spring plates hit the leading retainer bolt head on the inside edge...
the car basically bottoms out on these bolt heads instead of the rubber stops... the red arrow shows where...

what I am going to do is drill a new hole all the way through the spring plate and trailing arm bracket where the yellow 'X' is...

what I SHOULD have done is NOT swap the spring plates from side to side but rather drilled a new hole in the trailing arm bracket only (if I hadn't swapped em side to side. the spring plates would have retained the stock 'elongated' holes for this bolt for adjustment / alignment of the rear wheels... toe in and whatnot)

since I have already cut mine in the wrong place and I don't really give a shit about adjustability since I have the back end all aligned anyways, I can't really change it back now....

no worries just thaught I would give a heads up to anyone planning on doing this:)

later on when I have my motor tranny and body back on the frame I will re shoot some photos and then edit the main post above to reflect these discoveries, and show a nice slam shot of the rear WITH the full weight of the car ... and a bit of adjustment tech for setting up the back-end alignment...
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