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Default Re: O/T Photography Thread - for the members post

I wasn't sure where to put this but since it's photo related I figured I would put it here

First of all I took these pictures 22 years ago today with a cheap 35 mm camera that I borrowed from my dad
22 years ago yesterday marks the day I accidentally burnt our house down, and yes a VW was involved
It all started around 4 pm, Trina was working seaonal during the tax rush at the IRS, I had been stripping my rail buggy apart to put some new paint on it, I walked to Kmart which was right next door at the time and bought 3 cans of gray primer, fast forward to 10 pm that night, Trina was at work, I had just got both my boys in bed, the oldest was 9 and the youngest was 3 months shy of his 4th birthday, as I was getting ready to take a shower I noticed the bag on the kitchen table with the 3 cans of paint, I thought to myself "Ron, you better put those away otherwise when you get home from work everything is going to be gray" this was in 1996 when they were starting to switch to the plastic bags, so I grabbed the bag and walked to the basement to put the paint cans in a cabinet where I kept all my paint, I got 1 can in the cabinet then reached into the bag to get a 2nd can, that's when everything went bad, the bag ripped open, the 3rd can fell to the floor, maybe 2-1/2 feet, the seam in the side and bottom of the can hit just right and split open, the can was up against my foot, I reached down to pick it up while paint was spuing straight up my pants leg, when I bent over my foot moved the can, it rolled onto its side, the paint spuing out made the can start spinning in circles across the basement floor, it stopped when it hit the bottom of the hot water heater, you know the old kind that have a pilot lite flame, that's when I heard the loudest WaaWooom, very similar to when a fire is started with gasoline, the entire laundry room ceiling went up in flames, somehow I was able to get to the door where there was a fire extinguisher, I picked it up and pulled the pin and squeezed, I knew right then I didn't have a chance, flames were along the ceiling and I could feel the heat, I threw the fire extinguisher and yelled to my boys "GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE HOUSE FIRE, FIRE" by the time I got to the top of the stairs they were both at the back door to meet me, luckily Trina had practice fire drills with them both as soon as they were able to walk and understand, I sent them out with a couple coats that were hanging by the back door and sent them outside to the street in their underwear, I called 911 and told them what was going on, threw the phone back into the house, grabbed the box that Trina kept all our pictures in and went out and waited, the fire department was less than 1000 feet from our house in a straight line, those 3 minutes and 52 seconds it took them to get to our house from the time they got the call to when they stopped on our street seemed like 30 minutes
The worst part was yet to come, calling Trina at work telling her to get home there's been an accident, nobody is hurt, just get home, she wouldn't leave until I told her what happened, my neighbors house who I called her from said "don't worry she'll understand and forgive you" I told him you don't know her like I do, when she pulled down the street and got out of the car she said "YOU AND THAT FUCKING BUGGY SUCK YOU ASSHOLE" my neighbor kind a smiled and said "yup, your right, I don't know her"

Sorry for suck a long story, it's been a long time since I've told one, below are a few pics I took the day after, 22 years ago today, I believe I took 120 total mainly for insurance and so we wouldn't forget about certain belongings

Here's the cabinet where I was putting the paint cans

There you can see the cabinet with the paint cans and just to the left is the hot water heater, that's from the doorway where I picked up the fire extinguisher, flames were across the ceiling only about a foot in front of me

The fire was right under the refrigerator, it completely burned thru the floor joistes, 2/3 of them thru out the entire house were replace

This is was our laundry shute in the hallway to the bathroom, both my boys could see the flames coming out of it, between that and where there refridgerator are is what they call the "flue chase" the fire ruptered the 2 inch natural gas pipe and created a nice torch like effect which burned a hole completely thru the roof by the time the fireman got the water on and into the house

This is the hallway leading into the bathroom

The basement outside the laundry room door, the fire was just to the right of that wall on the right, you can see the fire damage where it burnt thru the wall

How I made it up those steps without my hair getting burnt is still a miracle

This is from our bedroom after they started tearing the entire roof off

We moved back in about 4-1/2 months later on Labor Day weekend, we were able to salvage some clothes, it's tough to get the smell of smoke out of them

To this day I won't bring any spray paint in the house and I'm still leary about bringing any kind of aresol can inside, of coarse we had an electric hot water heater put in mainly so they didn't hafta put another hole in the roof, the only thing going out the roof is the plumbing vent pipe

What a day that was, after that happened I took a spray can of paint and threw it against a pile of rocks and bricks we had in our backyard, I gave up after about 40 times, it never did break

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.

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