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OK, I guess the 69 is officially on hold right now and I'm seriously thinking about selling it.

I cleaned up the drums on the baja with a wire wheel on my 4" grinder and sprayed rattle-can Krylon gloss black on them. I also did a quickie job of spraying the outsides of the wheels with rattle-can appliance white epoxy enamel. It's supposed to be more durable It flowed on nice and smooth but takes 5 hrs to cure to the touch and 24 to fully harden. I sprayed the rear ones with the tires on and the front ones before I had the 235/75/15 Dunlops mounted. They're not perfect but look good from ten feet. Now the front tires don't rub when I turn like the 31/10.50s did. It sits almost level now, maybe even has a little rake to it. I might post a pic of it tomorrow (try to hold back your excitement )

Plus, I mounted the wiper assembly and wipers but they still don't work. I had them out when I welded the dash. I also mounted the tach and hooked it back up. I was going to wait until I paint the baja but who knows when that will be. I stuck another headlight in the 1-pc frontend but I need to mount them more securely and wire them up. Then I mounted a 62-67 tail light on the left rear fender and cleaned up the bulb holder, ran a ground wire to the body since the fender is 'glass and got the tail light working. No brake light or turnsignals as of yet but I'll get there.

Anyway, I'm broke as a joke right now so I'm just tinkering around with what I've got. All this little crap needs to be done anyway so...

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No pics, but oh well, if you really, really need to see metal removed, turn off your computer and work on your car... ~ Ray-Dean

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