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Another baja I had. I built this one, my first attempt to fix up a bug. :D It had a 1679, engle 110 cam, 041 heads w/3-angle valve job (not by me), weber progressive, 009, etc. Rode on KYBs all around and ghia discs and a raised beam in front. My brother and I did the bodywork (filled dash, molded fenders, etc) and he painted it using Imron in all Corvette colors. The stripes wrapped into the door jambs. It had a Dino wheel (out of other baja), scat shifter, etc. I sold it for $1650 in 93 when my first son was born

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No pics, but oh well, if you really, really need to see metal removed, turn off your computer and work on your car... ~ Ray-Dean

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