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Default Re: Son's '73 ghia - a distraction

OK, so we are making progress. 1 March is coming fast. I am actually farther along then in some of these photos, but I am also still learning how to post them.

So, I have been trying different ways to post photos and think I have finally figured it out.

Thanks to Carlene for posting a Thread on how to post pics. It got me started. I really didn't want to create a photobucket account, but it seems this is the only way to get pics on the forum like I wanted, so I did it. (I am hesitant to put my stuff out there for just anyone) It's ok for you guys (and gals) 'cuz we are all gearheads and not completely right in the head - even you JiI..... and part of the VW family.

I am hoping that I don't end up with broken links to pics and stuff, cuz that is sooo frustrating when trying to look at old threads and there are no pics to go with what the topic of the thread was.

Anyway, here is the front fender. Hard to see in the picture, but the bondo on this fender was a half inch thick in some places. I was taking it all off, to bare metal, so alot of the waves and warbles don't really show that much. This is the BEST fender....the rear ones look like used tin foil

So, now that I have pic capability, in the next couple of weeks, stay tuned. I am still trying for that deadline! (and I don't want to be the slacker of the month!)

and for a mini-hijack of my own thread,.....I had posted something a few days ago, that one of the mods helped me with, so thank you. I really mean that. After your assistance I relooked the issue and totally agree with you.

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Don't be Fucking stupid.

The bolt is Fucked, it won't fix it's self,
the Bolt Fairy won't fix it, and you can't fix it.

I know there is a Full Moon, but quit Fucking around.

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