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Default Re: Son's '73 ghia - a distraction

So since Feb, the pan pretty much has looked like it did in that picture. I trimmed the new pan halves and was nervous about welding them in.

I finally had a friend come over two weekends ago to help out. Well, after welding half of a pan in, turns out he was still a novice with his TIG welder and had blown more holes in the pan then actually good welds. I appreciated his efforts though and am grateful that he comes over to help me out. He is a really good friend.

So this past weekend, I cut that pan off, ground everything down again, and started over. Turns out my MIG skills are better than his TIG skills.

Finished welding in the pans, minus three "seams" that were supposed to be welded up before delivery (relief cuts for the forming process). One side had them welded, the other didn't.

You can't tell, but in this photo Snooky Pryor is helping provide motivation. Ended up finding all my old blues cassettes and have been thoroughly enjoying some Chicago blues

As soon as my copper backing plate shows up (should be Thursday), I can finish welding those seams up. (They are in the rear, where the pan drops down low behind the back seats).

I also mounted the front beam (with new needle bearings installed). Below are the rest of the front end pieces ready to go back on the car. The new brake system, new pedal assembly (we converted from autostick to manual, so needed a new pedal cluster) and assorted seals are in the living room (yes, I have car parts throughout the house - I have my turbo exhaust in the bedroom - only place to keep it rust free and out of the way)

Here are the rims that we want to use. 20 years of sitting did not help their appearance any. These are the before pictures.

I am about a third of the way through getting these dialed in. I am trying for Wednesday night, so I can get tires mounted on Thursday.

Alot is happening this week, as I need to have the chassis done by Friday (I will tell you why later )

Thanks to everyone that keeps me motivated!!

This last photo is why I love Arizona and monsoon season. This is indicative of my views from my garage EVERY night, and something that I try not to miss!!

My suburban is Sammy, the Dually is Clyde and behind Sammy is my friend's truck.

Getting closer!

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Don't be Fucking stupid.

The bolt is Fucked, it won't fix it's self,
the Bolt Fairy won't fix it, and you can't fix it.

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