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Default Re: Son's '73 ghia - a distraction

I need to update this project too. The progress BEFORE the toyota showed up in the garage:

Mounted the transmission, plumbed the brakes and attached the axles.

I was waiting for this. It is the one on top in the photo.

Scottrods sent it to me from Texas, (thank you very much!) I have to clean it up a tad and grease it then install. You can see that it is just a bit longer, needed to convert from autostick to manual.

So I had these finally finished.

Reminder, before photo.

In progress.


They still need a couple more polishing sessions, but I will do that when the car is together. The scratches, pits and major issues are worked out.

I had to mount them up to make some more room in the garage for the Toyota. Yes, I know that the cotter pin is not in yet. It is my "string around my finger". I have to final torque all the rear end once there is some weight on the pan.

For dented, scratched and dinged up 20+ old centerlines, they turned out pretty good I think. Took me about 10 hours per rim.

So that is it for now.

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Don't be Fucking stupid.

The bolt is Fucked, it won't fix it's self,
the Bolt Fairy won't fix it, and you can't fix it.

I know there is a Full Moon, but quit Fucking around.

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